Bus Information Twitter Feed

Beginning Tuesday, March 1, parents will be able to learn up-to-the-minute information about late buses by following their appropriate bus tier on Twitter. By becoming “followers”€ of Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 bus information, they will be able to find out what buses will be late each day. Parents can participate by logging into their Twitter accounts and becoming a “€œfollower”€ of any or all of the following Bus Tier information accounts:

  • Tier 1 Schools = ALL, JHS, LHS, TMS, WHS
  • Tier 2 Schools = BMS, DJM, HMS, JRES, SHES
  • Tier 3 Schools = CBB, JBB, MES, MWES, RBES

We hope our families will find this service useful.

Tier 1 Buses

Tier 2 Buses

Tier 3 Buses