Middle and high school students begin four days of in-person learning on May 3

Published On: April 20th, 2021

We’ve got exciting news for our green and blue group students in grades 6-12! Beginning Monday, May 3, in-person learning will expand to four days of face-to-face learning each week. With consistent use of face coverings, classroom adjustments in buildings, and layered health strategies in place, we are ready to safely increase on-site learning opportunities for middle and high school students.

What should families expect on May 3?

Students who are currently at school two days a week will attend school in person four days a week, Monday-Thursday. This change will not impact students in the Virtual Academy or those who have previously signed up for 100% remote learning.

As recommended by the CDC, classrooms will be set up to allow for 3-6 feet of social distancing. Because each school has a different floor plan, daily operations will vary slightly from school to school.

  • Based on the size and shape of rooms, schools will move some classes to alternate locations, including the media center, common areas, or bigger rooms for the remainder of the year.
  • Larger classes such as physical education and fine arts courses may rotate through multiple stations to reduce the number of students working in the same space. For example, groups of PE students could be playing on various fields at the same time.
  • Students will stay 6 feet apart during lunch while eating. Lunch may include overflow seating in hallways and common areas at some schools to allow for social distancing.
  • Students and staff will continue to wear face coverings at all times unless they are eating or drinking.
  • Teachers and students will wipe down desks between each class period, and custodial staff will thoroughly disinfect buildings daily.
  • Social distancing will be in place on school buses to the greatest extent possible; however, students may be less than 3 feet apart based on ridership.

Families with a health or safety concern should contact their child’s school by Monday, April 26. Based on the circumstance, school administrators may consider continued remote learning for students on an individual basis.

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