A student may be considered for permission to attend a school outside of the assigned attendance zone under one of these conditions:

  1. Child Care: student care provided by a caregiver whose address is in a school zone different from the student’s zone school (Policy JC) based on space availability. Child Care is not applicable for middle or high school students.
  2. Child of full-time WJCC Employee: resident or non-resident employee (Policy JC)
  3. Renewal Request: students approved under previous policy guidelines may continue to request out-of-zone for current school only.

Please note, middle school students will not be grandfathered and may not remain at their currently zoned school if the new middle school attendance boundary redistricts them into another school’s zone. All 2018-19 out-of-zone middle school requests must meet criteria detailed in the out-of-zone procedures.

The following procedure will be used to determine student eligibility for an out-of-zone school placement:

  1. Renewal requests with a current out-of-zone approval attending the same school next year will have a renewal window of March 1-March 31. Applications for new requests will be accepted beginning April 1 for the upcoming school year.
  2. Students presently approved for out-of-zone placement will be reviewed prior to any new requests.
  3. Approval of new requests will be granted based on space available and appropriateness of the placement request.
  4. Other than students attending the school where their parent works, children of employees cannot be in the parent work space while parent is fulfilling contract work requirements.
  5. The current principal must provide Good Standing information. This includes any application for a student not currently enrolled in WJCC.
  6. Receiving principal will review any request and forward the application to the Student Services Department for review and final determination.
  7. The Student Services Department will make the final determination and notify the parents and the sending/receiving principal(s).
  8. Students currently approved for an out-of-zone placement and approved as a student in good standing will be reviewed upon receipt of the application for continued attendance at the requested school. An application must be submitted annually for eligibility to continue.
  9. WJCC transportation cannot be utilized between schools to provide access in support of an out-of-zone request.
  10. For applications received before July 15, a letter of final determination will be mailed to the home address the week of August 1.
  11. Applications submitted after July 15 will not be processed until after the first ten days of school to determine available space. The student will need to attend his/her zone school until the application is approved. Out-of-zone requests will not be considered after September 30.
  12. The student must be enrolled in WJCC Public Schools before the application can be processed (except in the case of a non-resident employee).
  13. The school principal must be notified of any change in address or guardianship of the students.
  14. WJCC reserves the right to revoke student eligibility at any time.

If you need additional help, please contact the Student Services department at (757) 603-6533.