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ParentVUE provides families with another way to communicate with schools and for schools to communicate with families. Additionally, parents can stay up-to-date about their students’ grades, assignments and attendance. With the StudentVUE, students can access near real-time information on assignments, attendance, class schedules and more!

Need help accessing your account?

To gain access to the ParentVUE parent portal, you need an account activation key provided by the school district and the web address or the ParentVUE mobile app.

If you have activated your ParentVUE account and are having issues accessing it, please e-mail

If you have not activated your account or don’t remember if you have activated your account, please reach out to your school’s registrar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ParentVUE?WJCC Schools2019-10-11T10:52:53-04:00

ParentVUE provides online access to help families stay up-to-date about their students’ grades, assignments and attendance. Additionally, ParentVUE provides families with another way to communicate with schools and for schools to communicate with families.

How can I sign up?WJCC Schools2022-10-25T16:20:52-04:00

Parents must activate an access code to use ParentVUE. Please contact your student’s school’s main office for more information about receiving an access code. This information, along with more detailed login information, will be provided to you by your child’s school. Once you receive the account activation key, you can access the ParentVUE Portal and activate your account. If you have used the Online Pre-Registration Portal to register your children and your children have been enrolled, access the ParentVUE Portal with the same username and password.

How can I access ParentVUE?WJCC Schools2019-10-14T07:08:53-04:00

Access to ParentVUE can be through the division’s website,, or through an App downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. The ParentVUE App is free and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

To get the App for Apple devices (iPhone & iPad), visit the App Store and enter “ParentVUE” into the Search window. The District URL for WJCC is:

Do students have access to their information?WJCC Schools2018-12-21T08:21:16-05:00

Yes, through StudentVUE WJCC students have secure access to their information. Each student has unique log-in credentials that they use to access StudentVUE.

How frequently will my student’s information be updated?WJCC Schools2018-12-21T08:22:20-05:00

When a teacher enters a grade or assignment into the system, parents will have immediate access to the information. Each school will communicate teacher expectations to parents. Please remember that the frequency of updates will vary from course to course.

What is the recommended browser I should use?WJCC Schools2020-10-07T07:49:52-04:00

The preferred browsers for ParentVUE and StudentVUE are Chrome and Firefox.

Why do some teachers post grades/assignments at different times?WJCC Schools2018-12-21T08:24:17-05:00

In high schools, grades/assignments for semester courses will be available more frequently because courses meet every day. Year-long courses meet every other day; therefore, grades/assignments will be available less frequently.

Do I have to have different log-ins for each student that I have enrolled in WJCC?WJCC Schools2019-10-14T07:11:10-04:00

No, access to all children in a family will be through one log-in. If you do not see one of your children in ParentVUE, please contact that child’s school.

I see incorrect information for my family in the system. How can I get it fixed?WJCC Schools2019-10-11T10:54:46-04:00

One of the benefits of ParentVUE is that families can update their contact information as needed. The information will be confirmed by the school and then updated in WJCC databases.

I forgot my password. Can I reset it?WJCC Schools2019-10-11T10:51:57-04:00

Yes. Please look under the username and password field for “Forgot your password? Click here.” Log-in information will be sent to the email address you used when you signed up for ParentVUE. If you attempt to log-in more than three times with incorrect information, for security reasons your account will be disabled. Please contact your student’s school to re-enable your account.

How do I see all of my student’s grades in the ParentVUE app?WJCC Schools2018-12-21T08:31:29-05:00

Since WJCC has a modified block schedule and some courses are year-long and others are semester-long, grades and daily assignments can be found under two separate tabs in “Grade Book” and “Daily Assignments”. For year-long classes, information can be found under the “Interim 1” and “Marking Period 1” tabs located directly under your student’s name. Semester course grades and assignments can be found by scrolling through the tabs to “SB Interim 1” and “SB Marking Period 1”.

How can I see more than one day at a time on the “Calendar” on the app?WJCC Schools2018-12-21T08:32:04-05:00

If you navigate to “Calendar” and look at the top right of your screen you will see a calendar graphic. If you touch the graphic, the calendar will change views from a daily calendar to a monthly calendar. When you’re in the daily calendar view, you can navigate through days of the week by using the arrows next to the day’s date — which is directly under your student’s name.