Each year, WJCC recognizes and celebrates graduates as they begin their next chapter. Valedictorian and Salutatorian are distinguished honors bestowed upon the students ranking highest in their graduating class.

Watch past graduations on YouTube
Watch past graduations on YouTube

Teacher of the Year

The WJCC Teacher of the Year program offers the division an opportunity to recognize teachers who are exceptionally skilled, dedicated and exhibit excellence in the classroom.

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Support Employee of the Year

One support employee from each school, operations, transportation, technology and central office was selected by their peers and colleagues for the integral role in the division’s success.

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Retirement & Service Pin

WJCC’s Employee Recognition Celebration offers an opportunity to highlight dedicated employees for their countless hours of service to students and the organization.

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Heroes of Hope

WJCC Schools’ Heroes of Hope help others reach their hopes by offering a helping hand, a word of encouragement, or a little guidance. From small acts to grand gestures, these staff members make a difference in the lives of their students and colleagues.

These heroes do not look for applause or recognition. Their reward is in the student achieving a goal, completing a project, or making a colleague’s day a little easier. However, we think they deserve to be honored as the Heroes they are.

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