WJCC Schools’ Heroes of Hope help others reach their hopes by offering a helping hand, a word of encouragement, or a little guidance. From small acts to grand gestures, these staff members make a difference in the lives of their students and colleagues.

These heroes do not look for applause or recognition. Their reward is in the student achieving a goal, completing a project, or making a colleague’s day a little easier. However, we think they deserve to be honored as the Heroes they are.

We celebrate Heroes of Hope each month during the school year— you can help us by sharing stories of the Heroes among us. To nominate a WJCC Schools employee as a Hero of Hope, complete the form below.

2023-24 Heroes of Hope

Heroes of Hope are recognized each month from among nominations by students, families, staff, and the larger community. Join our celebration on WJCC Schools’ social media channels and share your stories about the 2023-24 Heroes of Hope!

November 2023 Heroes of Hope

November 30th, 2023|

Rob Hill, Stonehouse Elementary School

“Mr. Hill is the School Security Officer at Stonehouse Elementary and he is amazing! He can be seen keeping students and the school safe throughout the day by monitoring the halls, supporting students, talking with students throughout the day, building trusting relationships and supporting various needs in challenging times. Mr. Hill shines by bringing a positive attitude to work and always putting students first. He is reliable, honest, positive, and an overall all fantastic role model for our students!”

Rayon Patrick, Norge Elementary School

“Rayvon is the Health and Physical Education teacher at Norge Elementary. I have gotten to know Rayvon because he has been a SHIP Challenge Club sponsor for the past couple of years. This year, Rayvon is sponsoring Bike Club. Bike Club focuses on safety and the learning of bike maneuvers, so students are expected to ride a bike prior to the start of the club. A student was selected for the bike club without having any prior bike riding experience. Our volunteers who instruct the club wanted the student to be switched to another club because of her inability to ride a bike. Rayvon took it upon himself to make sure the student stayed in the club. Rayvon’s email explaining his idea to me went as follows: ‘I have spoken with her teacher about the situation and have worked into my schedule for her to come to the gym before my first class in the morning and before her lunch time to come practice on her bike and become more comfortable while riding. She came this morning after she got off the bus and as she was riding alongside me, she had the biggest, most heart-warming smile on her face.’ Then, a week or so later Rayvon shared an actual video of the student successfully riding her bike with a huge smile on her face! Rayon is exactly what a teacher should be made of; he cares about each and every student to strive to be their best! Rayon’s message at the end of each email reads ‘BE GRATEFUL FOR THE MOMENT & WIN THE DAY!’”

Amanda Fay, Berkeley Middle School

“Amanda Fay is a core component of BMS and we would not run as well as we do without her. She holds multiple leadership roles in our building, including department lead and MTSS lead. She also serves as our SCA teacher sponsor and has strongly revived this club. She misses multiple lunches a week because she is meeting with the students of SCA to plan fun events for our school. She is one of the hardest workers in this building and cares so much for her students and colleagues. If anyone needs help, she is the first to step up. She truly is the backbone of BMS.”

October 2023 Heroes of Hope

October 30th, 2023|

Anna Taylor, James Blair Middle School

“Mrs. Taylor is warm, kind, approachable and invested in the students at James Blair. She knows them by name and reminds them that her door is always open to them. She excels at being the link between parents and students as she strives to do what’s best for the student. Her communications and insights are very much appreciated.”

Keith Wright, Lafayette High School

“Mr. Wright has gone above and beyond what we ever would have expected to help our daughter feel comfortable at school this year. For the past 2 years she has not been able to finish out the school year in person because of crippling anxiety. She was struggling with virtual versus in person entering the 9th grade and decided to give Lafayette a chance. His proactive approach with her in these first 3 weeks of school has made a world of difference! She’s gone from crying before and after every school day to wanting to now participate in after school clubs. Her confidence is in a much healthier place and she’s finding her ability to be happy again! Her therapist said it best last week when he remarked about how different she is now versus over the summer: ‘I wish all of my kids had a Mr. Wright in their life. He’s done more for her in 3 weeks than we accomplished in 3 months.’ Mr. Wright is a gift to every child (and family) he supports! He deserves every bit of recognition for what he does.”

Heroes of Hope are recognized monthly during the school year. Nominees must be current employees in good standing.