Join us in honoring WJCC Schools’ Heroes of Hope.

These are the individuals who help others reach their hopes by offering a helping hand, a word of encouragement, or a little guidance. From small acts to grand gestures, these heroes make a difference in the lives of their students and colleagues.

These heroes do not look for applause or recognition. Their reward is in the student achieving a goal, completing a project, or making a colleague’s day a little easier. However, we think they deserve to be honored as the Heroes they are. You can help us by sharing stories of the Heroes among us.

Do you know a WJCC Schools employee that is a Hero of Hope? Tell us all about them and what makes them a Hero.

We will celebrate three WJCC Schools Heroes of Hope the third week of every month during the school year.

David Greenhow, Jamestown High School

Mr. Greenhow helped open Jamestown High School. He is a product of our school division and has strong relationships with parents and students. Mr. Greenhow is much more than a custodian; he brings a true caring to the well-being of students and our staff. It is not uncommon to find Mr. Greenhow discussing how to help a student academic struggles with teachers and administration.

Tanja Howell, Jamestown High School

My JHS Freshman was recently in CHKD for two weeks of intensive physical therapy. Ms. Howell went above and beyond to help my child, and this is only a few weeks into the second semester! When she heard about my child going into CHKD, Ms. Howell printed out all the work she would need for the next two weeks and then emailed me all of the answer keys. As if all of that wasn’t enough, she came to CHKD on a Saturday afternoon to give her the quizzes that she missed. She took time out of her weekend to make sure that my child wasn’t behind on work and did all of this without any pressure, she was able to say if she wasn’t ready for something and Ms. Howell would have been okay with that too. The next weekend, we were back home, and Ms. Howell offered to meet us at the library to take the final quiz that my child missed. We declined this as she was already planning on staying after school on Monday to take the quiz. What a phenomenal teacher though to try and make catching up on school work so easy! Taking an hour drive each way to CHKD just to give quizzes! It amazes me that a teacher who barely knows my child would go so out of their way to make life easier for her! Ms. Howell truly is amazingly dedicated and such a Hero of Hope!

Sarah Phillips, Lois S. Hornsby Middle School

Sarah is a special education teacher at HMS who faced a tremendous health challenge in November. Before her surgery, and throughout her recovery, she never once stopped thinking about her students! Even when urged to rest and focus on healing herself, she would say, “well

they are my kids, I just want to make sure they are taken care of!” She puts in the time to work with students during her planning and at lunch. She loves celebrating with students when they find success and perseveres when they haven’t found that success just yet. She is my hero of hope this school year!

for a student, or gives selflessly of herself everyday. Heidi is a Hero of Hope for many, and a great mentor for me and many others.

Chris Eames, Jamestown High School

When I think of Jamestown High School, I think of Chris Eames. Mr. Eames is a math teacher at JHS. He teaches AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Functions & Trigonometry. He wears many hats at our school and throughout the district. Mr. Eames leads our MTSS team as the MTSS Coach. He is the co-sponsor of the Math Honor Society. He is our Multicultural Engagement Advocate and is also a member of the Teacher Leadership Forum. If you attend any JHS sporting events, you will hear Mr. Eames as he announces. Mr. Eames is known as the voice of the Eagles. Mr. Eames pours his heart and soul into Jamestown High School. He is adored by faculty, staff, students and parents. He lends a hand whenever asked. He notices when you are feeling up or down and he tailors his interaction accordingly. He is a supportive teacher, colleague and friend.

Here is a note written about Mr. Eames from a student: “I would like to recognize Mr. Chris Eames. I have him second block every day, but he often stays after school to help students outside of the hour and a half class period. Although math has never been my strongest subject, I have found it easier to grasp certain concepts because of Mr. Eames’s teaching style. He always thoroughly explains new material, and he helps make the language of mathematicians easier to understand for a regular high school student. The class is undoubtedly challenging but the work load is never too much, and I rarely find myself stressing over math, like I have many times in the past. Lastly, Mr. Eames’s humor always is a high point of my day; although it is not necessary for teaching math, his comedic input always lifts up the spirits of his students.”

JiSoo Kim, Lois S. Hornsby Middle

Ms. Kim isn’t very visible, she is not showy, but, if you catch a glimpse of her, she always has a smile, and warm greeting. You don’t see her much because she’s in her SPED classroom with her brilliant students. I’ve worked with and watched her work with her students in such a way that they not only respond to her calming spirit, but they excel in their work. She talks calmly, never raises her voice, and addresses each student in a way that respectful and they feel it. Her students adore and respect her. Ms. Kim is brilliant in her teaching and teaches in a way her students, no matter their level of learning, understands and learn. She is amazing to watch and listen to as she gently speaks in such a positive way, even if she’s correcting her students, they listen & learn.

Heidi Meadows, James River Elementary

Heidi Meadows is an excellent team leader, mentor, colleague and friend. Heidi encourages others to see the best in everything and think positively. When I have an issue or a question, I go to her for words of wisdom and for her guidance. She is patient and kind with her students, as well as her colleagues. Heidi tries to make her instruction meaningful for her students, and she is always supportive of her team. I appreciate her knowledge, and her willingness to listen when needed. Heidi is not looking for recognition when she helps a colleague, goes above and beyond for a student, or gives selflessly of herself everyday. Heidi is a Hero of Hope for many, and a great mentor for me and many others.

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We will recognize three Heroes of Hope every month during the school year.
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