WJCC Schools’ Heroes of Hope help others reach their hopes by offering a helping hand, a word of encouragement, or a little guidance. From small acts to grand gestures, these staff members make a difference in the lives of their students and colleagues.

These heroes do not look for applause or recognition. Their reward is in the student achieving a goal, completing a project, or making a colleague’s day a little easier. However, we think they deserve to be honored as the Heroes they are.

We celebrate three WJCC Schools Heroes of Hope the third week of every month during the school year— you can help us by sharing stories of the Heroes among us. To nominate a WJCC Schools employee as a Hero of Hope complete the form below.

2021-22 Heroes of Hope

Heroes of Hope are recognized each month from among nominations by students, families, staff, and the larger community. Join our celebration on WJCC Schools’ social media channels and share your stories about the 2021-22 Heroes of Hope!

September 2021 Heroes of Hope

September 29th, 2021|

These dedicated, compassionate, and selfless individuals are WJCC Schools Heroes of Hope. This month, we celebrate the following staff members for their leadership of the WJCC Summer School program:

  • Leah Horrell – James River Elementary
  • Janet Delfico – James Blair Middle School
  • Afton Bell-Hill – Warhill High School
  • Stephanie Vermiere – Warhill High School 
  • Courtney Fuller – Office of Special Education Services
  • Peter Grabowski – Office of Special Education Services
  • Marie Nice – Department of Curriculum and Instruction

“Leah, Janet, Afton, Stephanie, Courtney, Peter, Marie, and their staffs provided positive, enriching learning experiences for our students in the WJCC summer school program.  Our leaders were the catalysts for student and staff success as a result of the incredible energy, commitment, and compassion they each invested in their work.  We are grateful for their leadership and the work of all WJCC summer school staff.  Thank you for going the extra mile to set students up for success in the new school year!”  – Robin Ford, director of elementary curriculum and instruction

We will recognize three Heroes of Hope every month during the school year.
All nominations will be reviewed by the WJCC Schools Employee Appreciation Committee. Nominees must be current full-time employees in good standing.