• Adrianne Tropilo

    Adrianne Tropilo


    Adrianne Tropilo actively enriches our school community by leading efforts to organize safe social activities for students and provide support to teachers. She adeptly navigates challenges, focusing on constructive solutions and community service. By soliciting student feedback, Ms. Tropilo ensures PTSA initiatives align with student interests, fostering better experiences. Her coordination with Grove Christian Outreach for a prom attire event and her presence at movie nights and athletic events highlight her commitment to engaging students and strengthening community partnerships.

  • April Lawrence

    April Lawrence


    April Lawrence plays a crucial role in our drama department, overseeing various aspects of our productions, including prop coordination for VTA and organizing trips. Her exceptional dedication and positive attitude are remarkable, and she willingly undertakes any task, from driving the U-Haul through DC to ensuring refreshments are available at productions. April leads by example and inspires a dedicated team each year, standing out for her contributions. Additionally, her family is actively involved, with her husband as a carpenter and her son often leading roles.

  • Gail Weaver

    Gail Weaver

    Clara Byrd Baker

    Gail Weaver has transformed Clara Byrd Baker Elementary’s school garden into a vibrant educational space. Through her dedicated maintenance, introduction of gardening classes, and sustainable practices, she has enriched the students’ curriculum and fostered a community spirit. Her efforts in beautifying the garden and rallying volunteer support have made it a cherished part of the school, highlighting her commitment to enhancing the environment and educational experience.

  • Jennifer Hansen

    Jennifer Hansen


    Jennifer Hansen, known as Ms. Mimi, significantly impacts our classroom by volunteering twice weekly to assist with reading groups during the ELA block. Students eagerly anticipate her visits and clearly miss her when she’s absent. Exceptionally, Ms. Mimi handles groups of up to six children, enhancing their reading experience. Her commitment is notable as she continues volunteering despite her grandson moving to second grade, demonstrating her genuine kindness. Ms. Mimi’s dedication enriches our class and Stonehouse Elementary.

  • Jennifer Taliaferro

    Jennifer Taliaferro

    D.J. Montague

    Jennifer Taliaferro, the DJ Montague PTA president, consistently orchestrates multiple school events, including the successful inaugural “Family Valentine Dance.” Beyond her official role, she’s actively involved in her three children’s classrooms, assists teachers with supplies, and leverages community connections to support school functions. Jennifer also seeks grant opportunities, serves on committees, and is willing to tackle new challenges like organizing lunch duty volunteers. Her dedication and resourcefulness make her an indispensable volunteer and a pillar of the school community.

  • Joseph Robinson

    Joseph Robinson

    James River

    Joseph Robinson actively engages with the JRE school community, frequently participating in events that enhance school spirit and support families. He’s been a dynamic player in staff vs. parent kickball games, volunteered in the Dolphin Giveaway to aid families in need, and is set to DJ at the eagerly anticipated Dolphin Madness basketball event. Additionally, his spirit is infectious as he brings the school mascot to life, adding fun and excitement to various school functions. His involvement is driven by his advocacy for his daughter and his commitment to being a present and positive force within the school environment.

  • Person

    Karen Snowden


    Karen Snowden leads our school’s soft plastics recycling program, dedicating herself to collecting and recording donations. Her efforts have contributed to the school’s beautification and environmental education and secured four “buddy benches” from Trex for recycling 1,000 pounds of soft plastics each time. Starting the project while employed and continuing as a retiree, Karen’s consistent work supports science education and environmental initiatives, including developing an outdoor classroom. Her ongoing weekly commitment exemplifies her dedication to our community and the environment.

  • Katie Kunkel

    Katie Kunkel

    Lois S. Hornsby

    Katie leads the PTSA at Hornsby, enhancing student and teacher support through organizing committees, expanding programs, and fostering community connections. She champions initiatives like spirit days and teacher mini grants, fostering innovation and unity within the school. Her efforts have strengthened the Hornsby community, making parents and students integral parts through events and support systems and enabling teachers to innovate with resources like wobble chairs for diverse learning experiences.

  • Linda Eaton

    Linda Eaton

    Matthew Whaley

    Linda Eaton is a dedicated volunteer at Matthew Whaley. She is known for her small group teaching and helping students catch up on work. She excels at building rapport, engaging students with her positive presence, and making the classroom a brighter place. Linda is also instrumental in mobilizing new volunteers, guiding them through the application process, and ensuring their swift integration. Her continual efforts to engage with the school community and encourage volunteerism contribute significantly throughout the academic year.

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    Lisa Quigley

    Bright Beginnings

    Lisa Quigley dedicates her time and expertise as a volunteer in a PreK classroom, engaging with young learners twice a month in sessions that last two hours each. With her background as an early intervention speech pathologist, Lisa enriches the classroom experience by integrating her specialized skills to support the developmental needs of the children. Her consistent involvement, characterized by a commitment to the regularity of her visits, ensures that the students benefit from her knowledge and experience.

  • Person

    Marcia Munn


    Marcia Munn is a cherished volunteer in Mrs. Bush’s 2nd-grade classroom, visiting every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. She supports students with their work, listens to them read, and offers a listening ear for their concerns and joys. Notably, she writes personalized thank-you notes to each student she interacts with, providing specific praises that students treasure. Reliable and patient, Mrs. Munn has been a consistent presence for over two years, contributing significantly to classroom setup and breakdown in addition to her regular visits. Her dedication extends beyond assistance as a comforting and encouraging figure, with her thoughtful notes leaving a lasting impact on students and their families.

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    Mychael Willon


    Mychael Willon, Warhill PTSA President, actively enhances the Warhill and wider WJCC community through diverse roles, including chairing the State Special Education Advisory Committee and contributing to Virginia’s Internet Safety Advisory Council. His leadership earned Warhill national recognition and addressed critical issues like student vaping by securing a $1200 grant. Mr. Willon fosters communication and appreciation within the school, exemplified by weekly staff recognitions. His broad involvement showcases a deep commitment to improving the educational experience for all students.

  • Person

    Rachel Jett

    James Blair

    Rachel Jett is a constant presence at JBMS, contributing extensively beyond her role as a substitute teacher. Praised by Theater teacher Amy Reams, she is noted for her dedication to assisting with nearly every rehearsal, often volunteering her time even on days she isn’t scheduled to work. Described as a “second cast mom,” her positivity, care, and support significantly impact our students. Leading by example, Ms. Jett is always ready to help with any needs, embodying the spirit of dedication and support within our school community.

  • Rani Wachter

    Rani Wachter


    Rani Wachter is a familiar face at Berkeley Middle School, deeply involved in various roles, from subbing to PTSA president. She’s known for her hands-on contributions to the spring musical, crafting props, decorating, and maintaining costumes. Rani’s common-sense approach and initiatives like prize raffles enhance school engagement. Her regular presence as a volunteer and leader reflects her commitment to the students, parents, and teachers, making her an invaluable school community member.

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    Sofia Farley

    J. Blaine Blayton

    Sofia, a senior at Warhill High School and a JBB alumnus volunteers 9 hours weekly at JBB to support Multilingual Learners. By translating content and ensuring students understand concepts in their home language, Sofia enhances their access to grade-level content and curriculum. Her bilingual Spanish skills facilitate academic understanding and aid the student’s social and emotional development. Her consistent commitment, including informing about schedule changes and the ability to connect in students’ home languages, underscores the positive impact bilingual volunteers can have on multilingual learners.