Anita Swinton

Coordinator for Student Services

Report an Incident

If you have knowledge of a bullying incident or you are the victim of bullying, please contact our school’s administration or submit electronically.

Bullying is characterized by the following:

  • Repetitive behavior
  • Physical or emotional harm
  • An imbalance in power

Bullying is a problem in many spheres of our culture: it exists in relationships in the work place, in families and in communities. While bullying exists throughout the community, public schools are in a unique position to educate children and adolescents about its presence, danger and negative consequences. Schools can also teach behaviors that will protect students from the harmful effects of bullying. Based on the findings of past and current research, these guidelines promote school practices that address bullying behaviors in schools.

WJCC Policy JFC addresses bullying as an unacceptable behavior. Furthermore, the division promotes age-appropriate strategies designed for prevention, intervention and accountability for bullying behaviors and promotes the use of evidence-based anti-bullying practices throughout the division.

Resources for Parents

The links below provide resources with information to assist families with how to recognize bullying when it occurs, how to address bullying situations, and support services for victims of bullying and bystanders.

  • This link is sponsored by the United Stated Department of Health and Human services. It provides valuable information on how to prevent and report bullying and resources to help families handle bullying situations.