Fundraising is an excellent way to provide additional support to WJCC’s instructional programs.  They also can serve as teaching tools for our students. WJCC involves itself in numerous fundraisers for different reasons.  We group fundraising activities into the following three general categories:

Fundraisers that Benefit A Specific School

Examples: 5K run to benefit school band, “School Nights” at local restaurants or merchants, where portion of sales on a given date are donated to a school; talent show where admission charge supports school program.

School principals approve school fundraisers.  A school representative must complete the Approval for School Fundraiser Form and have it signed by the principal before the activity can take place.

Fundraisers that Benefit The Division As a Whole

Examples:  School supply drives conducted by outside organization, any fundraising activity meant to contribute to the Division’s general operating fund.

The Division’s Finance Department in Central Office approves fundraisers conducted on behalf of the Division.  A school representative must complete the same Approval for School Fundraiser Form as above, with the “ALL Division” box checked.

Fundraisers Conducted by A School That Benefit An Outside Organization

Examples:  “Relay for Life” event benefiting American Cancer Society; sporting event in which admission charge benefits local charity; 5Ks-10K run to benefit Alzheimer’s Association, food drive for local Salvation Army or FISH, “Jump Rope for Heart” for Heart Associaion, etc.

The Superintendent or his/her designee approves fundraisers conducted on behalf of an outside organization.  A representative of the benefiting organization must complete the Approval for Charitable Fundraising form and submit it to the Superintendent’s Office for approval before the activity can begin.  In deciding which organizations the Division will work with, the Superintendent or his/her designee takes into consideration factors such as what kind of service the charity provides, and whether being involved in the fundraiser will effectively serve to teach WJCC students about community involvement, philanthropy, generosity, and any number of other character-building traits.

Can we sell foods like baked goods, candy bars, pizza to raise funds?WJCC Schools2023-05-22T10:52:25-04:00

Because the Division encourages fundraising activities that promote physical and academic activity, WJCC’s Student Wellness Policy is specific about the kinds of foods that can be used to raise funds, when food must be used at all.  They must meet the established standards for foods and beverages sold individually.  Approval for the kinds of foods permitted as part of a fundraising effort lies with the School Health Initiative Program (SHIP).

There is a local charity that our school loves, and we want to hold a fundraiser that benefits them. Can we?WJCC Schools2018-10-26T13:58:00-04:00

Maybe.  WJCC’s students and staff do occasionally hold fundraisers for selected local charities, but the decision as to which ones we support is left to the discretion of the Superintendent.   In making this decision, the Superintendent takes a number of factors into consideration, including what kind of service the charity provides, and whether being involved in the fundraiser will effectively serve to teach WJCC students about community involvement, philanthropy, generosity, and any number of other character-building traits. In this case, you must fill out the Charitable Fundraising Approval Form.

Everybody!  This includes any outside organization wanting to partner with us, PTAs, school bands, school choruses, booster clubs, parent organizations, service clubs – all must receive proper approvals to ensure that policies are being followed and fairness is being observed.

We know of a restaurant or store that says it wants to help us. Can they?WJCC Schools2018-10-26T13:57:37-04:00

Probably, but there are specific guidelines that must be followed.  We always welcome local merchants’ willingness to donate money and/or goods in direct support of our educational programs; we also can work with local businesses who wish, for example, to donate a portion of sales during “School Appreciation Nights”, or the like.  But we can’t devote school division resources to anything that would appear to benefit one commercial venture in lieu of another.  The best thing to do when a business offers to “partner”€ with you on a fundraiser is to call us first at 603-6480 to see if the fundraiser is in line with our policies, then have them fill out the Fundraiser Approval Form. Upon approval, we will include information about the fundraising activity in the box at right.

We want to raise funds to help pay for the things our school needs! How do we get started?WJCC Schools2018-10-26T13:57:10-04:00

There are many creative ways a school community can involve its student and families in raising funds.  But there are some rules and guidelines to follow.  Be sure you are familiar with the Fundraising Regulations and Guidelines.  After you’ve read them, download and complete the Fundraiser Approval Form.  Describe your idea, how the money should be used, and turn it in to the school principal.  He/she will need to grant approval for the fundraising activity.