Senior Leadership

  • Olwen Herron, Ed.D.

    Olwen Herron, Ed.D.


  • Sean Walker

    Sean Walker

    Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership (Elementary)

  • Catherine Worley, Ph.D.

    Catherine Worley, Ph.D.

    Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership (Secondary)

  • Daniel Keever

    Daniel Keever

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Tim Baker

    Tim Baker

    Senior Director of Human Resources

  • Stephanie Bourgeois

    Stephanie Bourgeois

    Senior Director for Student Services

  • Rene Ewing

    Rene Ewing

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Brian Landers

    Brian Landers

    Senior Director for Technology

  • Marcellus Snipes

    Marcellus Snipes

    Senior Director for Operations

  • Kara Wall

    Kara Wall

    Strategic Communications Officer

Directors & Supervisors

  • Adam Brown, Ed.D.

    Director of Special Education

    P: (757) 603-6464

  • Amy Lazev, Ph.D.

    Supervisor of School Health Initiative Program (SHIP)

    P: (757) 603-6462

  • Andrew Holzschuh

    Supervisor of Technology Services

  • Emily Carroll

    Director of Employment

  • Jane Haley

    Supervisor of Child Nutrition Services

    P: (757) 565-3838

  • Janice Fowler

    Supervisor of Health Services

  • Jessica Walter

    Director of School Counseling and College & Career Readiness

  • John Lambusta

    Director of Transportation

    P: (757) 259-7181

  • Kelsie Bowen

    Director of Finance

  • Lashanté Knight

    Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction

  • Pattie Bowen

    Supervisor of Instructional Technology, Innovation, and Information Literacy

    P: (757) 603-6471

  • Robin Ford

    Director of Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

  • Scott Cassin

    Supervisor of Student Support and Non-Traditional Programs

    P: (757) 603-6438