• Ellen Plaskon

    SEAC, Chair


Upcoming Meetings

What is the Special Education Advisory Committee?

The WJCC Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) addresses issues important to special education services in the community, is appointed by the School Board, and is a collaboration between parents, administrators, teachers and the School Board.

What is the function of the Special Education Advisory Committee?

  • Advise the local school division of needs in the education of students with learning differences.
  • Assist the local school division in developing priorities and strategies to meet student needs and improve educational outcomes.
  • Submit periodic reports and recommendations to the Superintendent and School Board.
  • Assist WJCC Schools in interpreting plans to the community for providing educational services for meeting the needs of students with learning differences.
  • Review the policies and procedures for the provision of special education and related services prior to submission to the WJCC School Board and the Virginia Department of Education. (For complete state regulations, refer to 8 VAC 20-81-90E.)

SEAC Can Help You:

  • better understand processes and procedures for special education
  • address your concerns to appropriate division personnel
  • locate resources and support for your special education needs
  • network with other families in the community who share your commitment to quality special education services in WJCC

Who Serves on the Committee?

  • parents of students with learning differences
  • persons with learning differences
  • representatives from community and civic organizations
  • representatives of institutions of higher education
  • representatives from vocational or business organizations
  • representatives from human service agencies providing services for persons with learning differences
  • a teacher

Who may attend the SEAC meetings?

All meetings are open to the public. The SEAC welcomes anyone interested in special education. Public comments are received at the beginning of each meeting.

How do I become a SEAC member?

For more information on becoming a SEAC member, please fill out the application.