Before submitting the Research Application with WJCC Public Schools, the following must be completed and included:

  • All items and questions on the Application Form have been completed. Please remember to use N/A (Not Applicable) in any sections that are not related to the research project.
  • The proposed start date is at least one (1) month from the submission date for the research project.
  • The application has attached copies of any instruments that will be used in this project.
  • The application has attached copies of all parental/guardian consent forms.
  • Copies of all materials that will be given to parents/guardians will be provided in both English and their anticipated home language or will provide translations after approval.
  • Upon approval, one (1) extra copy of the research application for each school where you are planning to collect data for principal review will be provided.
  • Upon approval, the Research Agreement will be reviewed and signed with the signature of both the main project contact person and the project director/supervising professor.
  • A copy of this application checklist will be included with all the other documents in your application.
  • Email, mail or fax your application form and supporting documents to:

Coordinator of Accountability and Assessment
Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools
117 Ironbound Road
P.O. Box 8783
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8783
f: (757) 565-9388