1:1 Device Program

The WJCC Schools 1:1 device program provides students with a device for their use during the day and at home to complete work, conduct research, collaborate with peers, and otherwise enhance the learning experience.

Participation by students in the 1:1 program is not required, but is strongly encouraged. Teachers will be using the devices as part of their daily lessons and for work that is not easily replicated without a device. Students will be asked to complete electronic work from home. The 1:1 laptop program is currently available to all students PK-12.

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Who will receive a device?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:08:09-04:00

All students in WJCC Schools will receive a device with a division-provided case for protection. Devices will not be issued until all necessary paperwork is completed and turned in.

How will the students use their division provided devices?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:07:24-04:00

Students will use their devices for educational purposes only, and at the direction of the teacher. Students will use their device to complete assignments, access classroom materials, research, create projects, and enhance overall learning.

Use of the devices will allow:

  • Students to build information and media literacy skills, including analyzing and evaluating resources, which is critical for 21st century citizens
  • Students to participate in engaged, active learning
  • Students to utilize technology tools that facilitate opportunities for students to create, interact, and collaborate
  • Students to interact with material in different, unique ways to meet their specific learning needs
What are the expectations of use for my child?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:06:56-04:00

It is expected that the students will use the devices for educational purposes, for example: completing homework and conducting research.  Every student will also be expected to agree and sign the Student Memorandum of Understanding and Responsible Use for Devices.

Will all students be required to have a division-provided device?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:06:31-04:00

Although it is not required it is highly encouraged because teachers will be using the devices as part of their daily lessons.  Students will also be asked to complete electronic work from home; however, there will be an Opt Out Form available for parents and students to sign.  The form will give parents two options: to either opt-out of the program completely or to allow student access at school but not to bring device home with them.

Can my student bring their own device instead of the district issued laptop?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:05:55-04:00

No, there is not a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place at any WJCC school. If a student does not participate in the 1:1 device program, they will use school issued technology if available for assignment completion.

Will my child be allowed to install software onto the device?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:04:28-04:00

No, only division-loaded software may be used.

How will teachers prevent students from using social media or surfing the web during instructional time?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:30:08-04:00

Students should be instructed to use their devices only when completing a specific instructional task. Teachers should always be mindful of what students are doing during class and have been provided with device monitoring software for management purposes.

Will parents be held accountable for damage to division-issued devices?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:03:24-04:00

Parents will be asked to compensate the division for device damage that is the result of intentional or neglectful actions.

What will the consequences be for misuse or inappropriate use of the device?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:02:59-04:00

Details are provided in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the WJCC Code of Conduct.

Will parents need to purchase additional items for use with the device?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:02:21-04:00

Not necessarily, but it is recommended that students have a means to back-up documents for future use (e.g. thumb drive) and earbuds or headphones. Additionally, some students prefer to use a mouse and therefore purchase a wireless mouse for use with their devices.

Can any family member use the device?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:01:19-04:00

No, each student will log in with their individual username and password.  Parents are encouraged monitor their child’s usage and progress.


Will students be able to use the devices over the summer?WJCC Schools2021-05-05T09:00:45-04:00

No, devices and chargers will be returned at the end of the school year for repairs and preparation for the upcoming school year.