Bright Beginnings (Early Childhood Education)

WJCC Schools provides school-based preschool services for children from two through five years of age.  The Bright Beginnings program is a collaborative model serving children at risk and children with identified disabilities or delays.  This intensive early intervention effort focuses on parent involvement and a comprehensive approach to serving young children and their families.  Preschool classrooms are located at the following elementary schools: D.J. Montague, Laurel Lane, J. Blaine Blayton, Norge, and Clara Byrd Baker.

Looking for Enrollment Information?

Please contact our Central Point of Entry Office at (757) 565-9363 for enrollment information. If you are interested in the Bright Beginnings program for your child, please complete the Bright Beginnings Intake Form and someone will respond within 3 business days.  If you have any questions you can email us at

WJCC Schools Child Find

Child Find ensures Williamsburg-James City County children, ages 2-21, inclusive, who are suspected of or identified as having a disability and in need of special education and related services are identified, evaluated and provided with a free and appropriate public education.

Children with suspected delays in communication, motor skills, vision, hearing, cognitive development, social-emotional and behavioral skills should call the Central Point of Entry for the WJCC Bright Beginnings program at (757) 565-9363.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours my child will attend school?WJCC Schools2019-08-22T20:32:42-04:00

Bright Beginnings Preschool is held at 5 WJCC elementary schools with varying schedules. Preschool times vary by the needs of each student and school location. Preschool students are assigned to the site best suited to their individual needs.

What about the school bus?WJCC Schools2019-08-22T20:33:28-04:00
  • All children are provided with school bus transportation to and from school.
  • Children can be picked up and dropped off at home or from a child care provider (as long as your child care is within the school division boundaries).
  • All buses are equipped with car seats for our children three years or younger and seat belts for four and five year olds.
  • All preschool buses have an aide on the bus to monitor the children and keep them safe.
  • Parents/Guardians must be watching for the bus to arrive before and after school and meet children at the door of the bus. The driver will not allow children on or off the bus unless you are there to hold your child’s hand to keep him or her safe.
Will my child eat lunch at school?WJCC Schools2019-08-22T20:34:53-04:00
  • Both breakfast and lunch are offered to all children at school everyday. Students can elect to bring meals from home or purchase from the cafeteria. On early release days, children who purchase lunch will be provided with a bagged lunch.
  • Be sure to fill out the free or reduced price lunch form if you think your child might be eligible for these services.
What kinds of school supplies will my child need to bring?WJCC Schools2019-08-22T20:35:09-04:00

Your child’s teacher will contact you summer to tell you more about this, but generally preschool children will need a back pack, a change of clothing, diapers or pull-ups (if appropriate) and diaper wipes. Your child’s teacher may require a folder for materials to be sent from school to home. Diapers and other personal supplies are kept in an individual cubby marked with each child’s name. The school provides crayons, markers and all of the learning supplies for all children. Teachers may suggest additional items during the school year.

What will my child be learning at preschool?WJCC Schools2019-08-22T20:35:32-04:00

We know that young children learn best through play and interactions with friends. During the preschool years, we work on skills that support your child’s language, motor & cognitive development, ability to interact with their peers, problem solving skills, and independence with developmentally appropriate tasks.

The preschool program in Williamsburg-James City County uses the Creative Curriculum. Each family receives a copy of A Parents Guide to Preschool with a more detailed explanation of how and what children learn throughout their day in preschool.

How many children will be in my child’s class – and what age will they be?WJCC Schools2019-08-22T20:35:56-04:00

Most classrooms range from six to fifteen children with at least two adults in the classroom at all times. The number of children in the class is determined by the age of the children in the group and the developmental needs of individual children in the class.

Home Visits, Class Visits, & Parent Involvement?WJCC Schools2019-08-22T20:36:18-04:00

Preschool teachers will communicate with you regularly. They will also do a home visit with you and your child about once each month. Parents are always welcome to visit and/or volunteer in classrooms.

What about teacher qualifications?WJCC Schools2019-08-22T20:36:37-04:00

Our preschool teachers and therpists are all highly qualified, with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in early childhood and early childhood special education. They are all fully licensed in their disciplines. Our instructional assistant staff is dedicated to the support of teachers and students with many years of experience working with young children.