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The Program of Studies describes programs and courses offered in the middle and high schools of Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools (WJCC).Descriptions of courses offered in grades 6-8 and grades 9-12 are grouped by discipline.Grade-level designations represent the grade at which most students take a described course.Exceptions to stated grade levels may be made to meet the educational needs of an individual student.Detailed information is available in the school counseling department at each middle and high school.

Families are asked to review this Program of Studies together.Our hope is that the Program of Studies will generate discussions about types of diplomas, career opportunities and preparation, post-secondary education and training requirements, and the role of educational decisions on future opportunities.

Using the Program of Studies

Select a Career Cluster/Path

  • Choose a career cluster/path that closely relates to your interests, skills, values and strengths.
  • Explore occupations that relate to your chosen career cluster/path.
  • Learn what knowledge, skills and abilities are required.

Identify and Choose Courses that Relate to Your Diploma Choice and Career Path

  • Formally request these courses during the online course selection process led by your school counselor.
  • 7th-12th grade students, along with the support of their school counselor, will create/update their Academic and Career Plan (ACP) to reflect educational and career goals.