Robyn Moore, Ed.D.Coordinator of English/Language Arts (Primary)
Phone: (757) 603-6539
Sara BrandtCoordinator of English/Language Arts (Secondary)
Phone: (757) 603-6472
Fax: (757) 565-9388
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The coordinators for English/Language Arts and Reading work with teachers to develop and implement the division’s English/Language Arts and Reading curriculum. The VDOE’s Standards of Learning have been incorporated into WJCC’s English/Language/Reading Standards and Objectives. Coordinators provide leadership in the examination and adoption of instructional materials which support the curriculum. Assistance is also provided in staff development for teachers in areas that need improvement.

The Williamsburg-James City County reading and language arts curriculum uses the Balanced Literacy approach to improve student achievement wherein reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are integrated. Students are taught to:

  • Apply reading and thinking strategies in order to understand, evaluate, and respond to a variety of literature and informational texts
  • Communicate knowledge, ideas, and feelings through a variety of written products
  • Use effective listening and speaking skills in communicating with others.

Middle School Course Offerings

Honors English – Grade 6

Course ID: 1109-5|

This course provides an opportunity for students to independently read a variety of fiction, narrative nonfiction, nonfiction, and poetry for ...

Honors English – Grade 8

Course ID: 1120-5|

The course is based upon, and follows, state and division curriculum guidelines for 8th grade English. This challenging class is ...

Honors English – Grade 7

Course ID: 1110-5|

Honors English 7 provides an in-depth study of seventh-grade literature with Socratic Seminar discussion groups and various writing formats. Critical ...

High School Course Offerings


Course ID: 1300|

Students will research, write, and deliver personal, informative, persuasive, and impromptu speeches as well as conduct interviews, prepare interpretive readings, ...

Journalism I

Course ID: 1205|

Students are introduced to the exciting world of the print media. Journalism students will learn the basic skills of relaying ...

Creative Writing

Course ID: 1171|

This course is a writing workshop. Students will write every day, and will explore different writing techniques and styles. Writing ...

College Composition I & II

Course ID: 12ECP|

This course is Dually Enrolled with Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC) This course introduces students to critical thinking and the ...

English 12 Capstone

Course ID: 1163|

This course contains high-interest contextualized content designed to give students an additional boost for competent and successful entry into college ...

Advanced World Literature 12

Course ID: 1190|

This course provides college preparatory work for students who appreciate meaningful and challenging literature from many cultures and time periods. ...

English Literature 12

Course ID: 1161|

This course is designed for both college or non-college bound students. The course focuses on modern literature and the relevance ...

Honors English 11

Course ID: 1152|

Honors English 11 is an advanced course in American literature that draws upon material from the colonial period to the ...

English 11

Course ID: 1157|

English 11 prepares students for post-secondary education or for immediate entry into the work force. Students will trace the development ...

Honors English 10

Course ID: 1144|

Honors English 10 is an advanced course designed to prepare and to challenge enthusiastic tenth grade students. This course focuses ...

English 10

Course ID: 1147|

English 10 focuses on the analysis and interpretation of literature. Students will read and analyze a variety of literary genres ...

Honors English 9

Course ID: 1139|

Honors English 9 is an advanced course designed to prepare and challenge enthusiastic ninth grade students. This course focuses on ...

English 9

Course ID: 1137|

English 9 focuses on the analysis and interpretation of literature. This course introduces a wide variety of reading, writing, and ...