Algebra I Frequently Asked Questions

As we continue to increase academic expectations for WJCC middle school students, one goal for is for all students to have the opportunity to take Algebra I prior to high school.

In support of this initiative, 7th grade students took Foundations of Algebra Part 3 (Math 8) last school year. Seventh and eighth grade math skills were embedded into the course to prepare students to start an Algebra course in Grade 8.

To meet student academic and developmental needs, two eighth grade Algebra I courses are offered this year. The Algebra I yearlong course includes all Algebra I curriculum standards, and, upon successful completion, students will receive an Algebra I credit toward graduation requirements.

Algebra I Sequence I is a full-year course offered in 8th grade and covers the first semester of the Algebra I curriculum. Students who take Algebra I Sequence I will then take Algebra I Sequence II, which is equivalent to the second semester of Algebra I in grade 9.

Student progress was monitored throughout last year to determine appropriate Algebra I course placement for 2017-18. Placement decisions for the 2017-18 school year are based on the following criteria:

  • Student grades
  • Student growth based on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)and Division Level Assessments
  • SOL scores.

Additional information can be found at the below.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school.

Who takes Algebra in 8th Grade?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:40:53-04:00

All students will be enrolled in Algebra I or Algebra I Sequence I/II.

What is the difference between the Algebra I or Algebra I Sequence I/II courses?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:40:20-04:00

Algebra I is yearlong high school Algebra I. Algebra I Sequence I/II is a two-year high school Algebra I sequence. Algebra I Sequence I will be completed in the 8th grade school year and Algebra I Sequence II will be completed in the 9th grade.

What will determine whether my child takes Algebra I Sequence I or the full Algebra I course in middle school?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:39:39-04:00

Rising 8th grade students will be placed in either Algebra I or Algebra I Sequence I based on where they are academically and developmentally.

The following criteria will be examined to determine placement in the Algebra I or Algebra I Sequence I/ II course:

  • Math 8 Standards of Learning (SOL) score
  • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) score – The Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) is a research-based, computerized assessment that adapts to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual.
  • Common Unit Assessment – The Common Unit Assessment is a division-developed assessment that evaluates a student’s progress with the mathematics curriculum taught during the school year.
  • Foundations of Algebra Part III (FAP3) Grades
Will students take a Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:39:07-04:00

Yes, students in the Algebra I yearlong course will complete the Algebra I end-of-course Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment at the end of the school year.

Students in the Algebra I Sequence I/II course will complete the Algebra I end-of-course Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment in their 9th grade year.

What SOL will my child take?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:38:38-04:00
  • Foundations of Algebra Part 1: 6th grade students, Math 6 SOL
  • Foundations of Algebra Part 3: 7th, Math 8 SOL
  • Geometry: 8th grade students, Geometry SOL
  • Algebra I: 8th grade students, Algebra I SOL
Will my child receive high school credit for Algebra I on their transcript?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:37:56-04:00

Yes. Algebra I yearlong students will receive one math credit on their high school transcript upon successful completion of the course.

Algebra I Sequence I/II students will receive two credits (one elective credit for Sequence I and one math credit for Sequence II) on their high school transcript upon successful completion of the course in the 9th grade.

Does the Algebra I Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment count as verified math credit?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:37:29-04:00

Yes, a verified unit of credit for graduation is based on successful completion of the course and achieving a passing score on the End-Of-Course (EOC) Standards of Learning (SOL) exam or an additional test as approved by the Board of Education.

Can the Algebra I or Algebra I Sequence I course be expunged?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:37:05-04:00

Yes, the grade and credit can be omitted/expunged from a student transcript in a high school, credit-bearing Algebra I or Geometry course taken in the middle school. A Request to Omit/Expunge form must be submitted to the student’s zoned high school by August of the same year in which the student took the course.

Per the Program of Studies, if a student has a grade omitted from the transcript in a high school, credit-bearing Algebra I or Geometry course, the course must be repeated for credit in order to meet graduation requirements. Similarly, once a grade/course is omitted, that course cannot be used to fulfill the next courses’ prerequisite.

Can I rescind or revoke a request to omit/expunge a high school, credit-bearing course after I have submitted it?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:36:36-04:00

All expungements are final as of the date the form is submitted. Grades and credits omitted from a student’s transcript as a result of an expungement request cannot be added back at any time.

Will a student be able to take Geometry in the 8th Grade?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:36:00-04:00

Students who have completed Algebra I in the 7th grade will be enrolled in Geometry in the 8th grade.

What happens to a student who transfers into WJCC as a freshman and hasn’t taken Algebra I?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:35:32-04:00

The student will be enrolled in year-long Algebra I.

Will students be able to take AP Calculus in high school?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:35:09-04:00

Yes. These changes will provide more opportunities for students to take higher level math in high school.

Is my child skipping 7th grade math?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:34:26-04:00

No, in 7th grade students take Foundations of Algebra Part 3, and 7th and 8th grade math skills are embedded into the course to prepare students to start an Algebra course in Grade 8.

What is the new course sequence for middle school grades and high school grades?WJCC Schools2018-10-25T12:30:44-04:00

You may find more information in the Program of Studies.