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Gifted Education

//Gifted Education
Gifted EducationWJCC Schools2018-12-06T15:31:47-04:00
Allison Sheppard, Ed.D.Coordinator for Gifted Education
Phone: (757) 603-6475
Fax: (757) 565-9389

In accordance with the WJCC Vision/Mission statement, gifted learners receive educational services that provide opportunities directed to their unique needs. These services include a differentiated instructional program that teaches higher level thinking processes in a learning environment that is respectful of the uniqueness of the individual student and conducive to risk-taking and exploration of new ideas. A flexible instructional pace enables students to maximize their learning. The K-12 continuum of services is designed to emphasize the importance of matching services to student needs.

Visions is the name given to the gifted program in WJCC. Each of our nine elementary schools has a full-time gifted resource teacher who works collaboratively with classroom teachers and other staff to meet the cognitive and affective needs of gifted learners. Formal identification for students referred takes into consideration ability tests, achievement scores, observations, teacher and parent rating scales, class participation, and student products.

In our three middle schools and three high schools are classroom teachers who also manage the gifted program screening responsibilities.

The Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted explains in detail all aspects of gifted education in WJCC. Also included in that plan are the long-range goals. A copy of the Local Plan is available in each school.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Gifted Testing?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:35:28-04:00

Universal screening will be completed for all kindergarten and second grade students.

What gifted services are offered?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:34:25-04:00

The following services will be provided:

  • Grades K push-in services to classrooms
  • Grades 1-5 enrichment services
  • Fifth grade academic program in Language Arts and Math for students formally identified as gifted.
  • Grades 6-8-specific academic gifted classes in Language Arts, Social studies, and/ or Math
  • Grades 9-10- specific academic gifted classes in Language Arts, Social studies
  • Grades 10-12- AP courses, DE courses and Governor’s School
How will my child be screened for gifted eligibility?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:34:05-04:00

Many criteria are reviewed to help determine eligibility for gifted services. These may include:

  • One or more ability tests, (i.e. IQ test)
  • Achievement tests
  • Portfolio of student work
  • Rating scales of gifted behaviors completed by parents and teachers
  • Grades
Can students not formally identified for gifted serviced receive gifted services?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:33:44-04:00

No. However, students not eligible for gifted services still have opportunities for differentiation, including honors classes and a wide variety of elective courses.

Does WJCC provide services for students enrolled in private schools?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:33:23-04:00

No.  Both screening for gifted services and delivery of instruction are for those students currently enrolled in WJCC schools.

My child was identified for the gifted program in WJCC but withdrew from the school. If my child re-enrolls in a WJCC school is he/she automatically placed into the gifted program?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:32:57-04:00

Yes, the student maintains his/her gifted placement.  However, a student may need to complete screening for additional gifted services.

If my child was in a gifted program in another school division or state, is he/she guaranteed placement in WJCC’s gifted program?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:32:35-04:00

Since each school division has different gifted services offered, we will review the student’s file for documentation and determine screening or placement.  Exception:  Students from a military family who have written documentation are placed provisionally and reviewed as needed.

Does my child have to be rescreened from elementary school to middle school to high school?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:32:09-04:00

No, once a student is found eligible for gifted services, the placement remains.

If my child goes through the screening process and is not found eligible will there be another opportunity for him/her to go through the process again?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:31:45-04:00

You will want to meet with the gifted resource teacher to discuss the results.  After that meeting a parent can appeal the placement decision.  If the student is not determined eligible on appeal, a parent can refer a child again after one calendar year.

I am interested in having my child evaluated for gifted services. What do I do?WJCC Schools2017-07-19T13:31:22-04:00

Make contact with the gifted resource teacher at your child’s school to discuss the process. You will then complete both a referral form and a permission to test form.

Gifted Resource Teachers

NameE-Mail AddressSchoolLevel
Patsye Chappellgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@llep1566718642pahc.1566718642eysta1566718642p1566718642Clara Byrd Baker
D.J. Montague
James River
Laurel Lane
Elementary (K-2 Services)
Diane Huebnergro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@renb1566718642euh.e1566718642naid1566718642J. Blaine Blayton
Matthew Whaley
Elementary (K-2 Services)
NameE-Mail AddressSchoolLevel
Stacy Freemangro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@name1566718642erf.y1566718642cats1566718642Clara Byrd BakerElementary
Kara O'Gradygro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@ydar1566718642go.ar1566718642ak1566718642D.J. MontagueElementary
Cheryl Holzschuhgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@huhc1566718642szloh1566718642.lyre1566718642hc1566718642J. Blaine BlaytonElementary
Erin Routtengro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@nett1566718642uor.n1566718642ire1566718642James RiverElementary
Madeline Colthorpegro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@epro1566718642htloc1566718642.enil1566718642edam1566718642Laurel LaneElementary
Karen Littlegro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@eltt1566718642il.ne1566718642rak1566718642MatoakaElementary
Deborah Besniergro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@rein1566718642seb.h1566718642arobe1566718642d1566718642Matthew WhaleyElementary
Jamie Collinsgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@snil1566718642loc.e1566718642imaj1566718642NorgeElementary
Norman Poongro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@noop1566718642.namr1566718642on1566718642StonehouseElementary
Nathaniel Elliottgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@ttoi1566718642lle.l1566718642einah1566718642tan1566718642BerkeleyMiddle
Megan Legaweicgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@ciew1566718642agel.1566718642nagem1566718642James BlairMiddle
Julia Roketenetzgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@zten1566718642eteko1566718642r.ail1566718642uj1566718642Lois S. HornsbyMiddle
Jessica McDonoughgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@hguo1566718642nodcm1566718642.acis1566718642sej1566718642ToanoMiddle
Richard Lampertgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@trep1566718642mal.d1566718642rahci1566718642r1566718642JamestownHigh
Ann Shavergro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@reva1566718642hs.nn1566718642a1566718642LafayetteHigh
Korri Williamsgro.s1566718642loohc1566718642sccjw1566718642@smai1566718642lliw.1566718642irrok1566718642WarhillHigh


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