Students who wish to earn the WJCC Honors Seal will be required to complete a minimum of twenty-five hours of community service.  “Community service” for this project is defined as, “Voluntary unpaid work for the good of others.”  The following guidelines describe hours that may be used for the Community Service project requirement.

  • The twenty-five hours must be served on one focused service project in an area of the student’s choice. The project should demonstrate an extended commitment served over at least six sessions.
  • The Community Service Project must be presented to and pre-approved by the Division Honors Committee. The project proposal may be presented for approval as early as the freshman year, and generally, no later than fall of the senior year. See the Honors Coordinator for due dates.
  • Community service hours credited toward the Honors Program must be beyond hours required by any course, co-curricular activity, or other school requirements.
  • The student may receive no monetary compensation for Community Service Project efforts.
  • A log of hours verified by the supervising adult from the appropriate community organization must be submitted to the Honors Program Coordinator. It is suggested that the completion occurs by the end of the student’s junior year/beginning of the senior year.
  • Adjustments to the required timeline will be considered on a case-by-case basis for students who transfer into WJCC Schools during the 11th or 12th-grade year.

Note: The Honors Project and the Community Service Project may be coordinated as two components of a single project.