The department of Media and Instructional Technology is committed to supporting 21st century learners through a combination of professional development, best-practice strategies and instructional tools and resources. This is achieved by a focus on:

  • diverse learning needs, including digital citizenship and digital learning needs
  • information and media literacy skills, including analyzing and evaluating resources and personalizing learning
  • technology integration PD models that facilitate engaged, active learning and utilize technology tools that provide students with  multiple opportunities to create, interact and collaborate
  • providing content resources that meet the curricular and learning needs of all students, instructional faculty and administrators

This commitment is met by collaborative professional educators who are highly-skilled, results-focused, and passionate about teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher

Helping teachers reach every student, every day.

In partnership with families and community lifelong learning, independent thinking and responsible citizenship.

Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools is committed to excellence and leadership in education. We believe that 21st century instructional models must include current instructional technologies and media resources, and that every teacher and student must be knowledgeable and skilled in the use of these resources in daily instruction. Through on-going, comprehensive professional development, we provide WJCC teachers opportunities to acquire the skills necessary to integrate technology and media resources into challenging and often interdisciplinary curriculum. With the intent of improving academic achievement in all areas, by providing access to staff and student tools and ongoing professional development we can:

  • develop information literacy skills to meet the curricular needs of all learners
  • address diverse learning styles
  • accommodate individual learning rates
  • provide the means to access curricular resources, current information, and to communicate globally
  • encourage cooperative learning through the use of Web 2.0 resources
  • help students think critically and accept responsibility for their learning
  • foster creativity and engagement
  • develop workplace ready skills
  • help teachers collect, assess, and share performance information to improve instruction
  • Improve the effectiveness of administrative tasks
  • Engage families and community in supporting achievement for all students

It’s about the teaching, not the technology.

“Effective support focusing on curriculum and technology integration at the school site can be one-on-one, in small groups, by grade-level, by department, or by skill level by the ITRT in a coaching or mentoring role.”

“Technology is another tool in the tool box for teachers . . . Technology, specifically the integration of technology, will expand the teacher’s toolbox to maximize student interest in subject matter, deliver content in new and meaningful ways, meet the diverse needs of all the students and allow students to take responsibility for their own learning through collaborative projects and assignments.” VA DOE Handbook

Library Services

WJCC Public Schools’ library media centers are an integral part of the instructional program for WJCC students and faculty.  Library media professionals foster a love of reading in our students and support the development of life-long learners.  WJCC library media specialists procure a variety of instructional materials to support school and division-wide curricula and promote reading for enjoyment. These materials include print, electronic and streaming content assets such as eBooks, databases and Web resources. Library media professionals instruct students on how to locate desired information, evaluate its effectiveness, and use it in an ethical manner.

Information today comes in a variety of different formats.  In order for our students to be successful in life, they must have the skills to successfully navigate, create, and collaboratively share all types of media. We provide equitable access to current materials, resources and information to our community of learners. We love working with our students and watching their media literacies grow and take shape as they develop the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st-century.