Kindergarten is an important part of the total school program. Broad goals of kindergarten are the same as the other grades; namely, children will grow in all areas of development: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. Although the goals are identical, kindergarten classrooms look quite different. In other grades, children’s textbooks may be used extensively to teach subject matter. In kindergarten, the content areas are integrated throughout the day so that children are actively involved in exploring their environment, manipulating objects, and interacting with children and adults.

Our kindergarten classrooms have available to children:

Learning centers so that children:

  • can work individually or in small groups
  • can make choices among activities that are interesting to them
  • can move about as they feel the need
  • can work with real objects that are open-ended, stimulate thought and promote problem-solving behavior

Small-group instruction so that children:

  • can participate in activities that meet their individual needs and experience success
  • can interact with other children with similar interests and abilities

Whole-group activities so that children can:

  • listen to stories
  • participate in art and music activities
  • share and discuss
  • build group unity and spirit


Full-day kindergarten programs follow the regular elementary school day schedule. Exceptions to the regular schedule are noted on the school calendar.


Bus transportation is available to all kindergarten children living within their zoned school of attendance. School bus stop locations & times are available online.

If you have difficulty accessing this information or feel there is an error with the information, please call the transportation office at (757) 565-0808 Option #1 for assistance.

Personal Transportation

No child may leave school with anyone other than a member of the immediate family, unless written parental permission is given to the teacher and the child is signed out in the school office. Dropping children off at school prior to the buses arriving is discouraged since adult supervision is not available until the buses arrive. Special arrangements for dropping off children or picking up children early must be approved by the principal.