SHIP’s Culinary & Garden Educator, Liz Callan, led an interactive Zoom cook-along on how to create and pack healthy lunches/snacks that kids love! Here are the recipes for trail bites and whole grain wraps.

Healthy eating is a vital part of wellness and readiness to learn.  Students who are well-nourished are more alert and better able to focus on learning.  SHIP provides nutrition information and resources, supports the school meal program and community partners in providing access to healthy food, and reinforces healthy lifestyles in the schools, home and community.

  • SHIP teaches nutrition in the classroom to kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students as part of the SHIP Wellness Integration Program.  Lessons are based on MyPlate and provide students with essential information needed to make healthy choices.
  • SHIP provides resources to support parents such as recipes developed for our Farm to School Program and used in our cafeterias, school celebration resources, healthy fundraising ideas, and nutrition information for families.
  • Child Nutrition Services (CNS) Partnership provides nutrition education for students and staff and works to continuously improve food and beverage offerings in school cafeterias so students and staff will have healthier choices.

The SHIP/Child Nutrition Services Partnership includes farm to school programming with locally grown produce offered in our school cafeterias. Farm to school programs encourage students to try new fruits and vegetables, offer students nutrition and agriculture education, and support our local farmers and local economy. These recipes have all been served in our school cafes: SHIP Farm to School Cookbook

Visit the SHIP You Tube channel for short videos about how to prepare fresh veggies and feel free to print our the activity books below.

Farm To Table Fall Activity Book

Farm To Table Winter Activity Book

Summer School – Recipes