What Are Transition Services?

Transition Services are meant to be a coordinated set of activities that is results oriented and facilitates movement from school to post-school activities including:

  • Post secondary Education
  • Vocational Education
  • Integrated Employment (including supported employment)
  • Continuing and Adult Education
  • Adult Services
  • Independent Living and
  • Community Participation

These services are based on individual needs of the student taking into account the student’s preferences and interests.  The goal of the Transition Team is to help students identify their strengths and partner them with appropriate agencies to expand their opportunities.  In Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools, the Transition Team is comprised of a Transition Specialist and an Employment Services Specialist who provide support and assistance with transition services to students with disabilities, their parents and other IEP team members.

When Should Transition Services Begin?

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 requires that a statement of the transition service needs that focuses on the student’s course of study must be developed for each student with a disability beginning at age 14 (or younger if determined appropriate by the IEP team).

Beginning at age 16, a statement of needed transition services including, if appropriate, a statement of the interagency responsibilities or any needed linkages must be included on the IEP.

The IEP must also include a statement that the student has been informed of procedural safeguards that will transfer to the students upon reaching the age of majority (age 18). (Source: Virginia Intercommunity Transition Council (VITC) Fact Sheets)

For Further Information regarding WJCC transition Services for Secondary Students with disabilities, please contact Alexis Swanson, Ed.D., Transition Specialist at alexis.swanson@wjccschools.org or (757) 603-6563.