ESY services consist of special education and related services provided

  • beyond the normal school year or after school;
  • according the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and as determined by the IEP team;
  • at no cost to the parent; and
  • according to state regulations.

ESY is not a separate planning process since it is part of the IEP process.

  • An IEP meeting must be held to determine if a student meets criteria for ESY service
  • The meeting must be conducted like any other IEP meeting with appropriate prior notice.

Factors to be considered when determining the need for ESY services

  • regression/recoupment;
  • degrees of progress;
  • emerging skills/breakthrough opportunities;
  • interfering behaviors;
  • the nature and/or severity of the disability; and
  • special circumstances or other factor

What are not ESY services?

Because ESY services are uniquely designed to provide Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to students with disabilities, it is necessary to emphasize that these services are:

  • not based on the category of the student’s disability – services must be based on the student’s unique educational needs;
  • not mandated twelve-month services for all students with disabilities;
  • not a child care service;
  • not necessarily a continuation of the total IEP provided to a student with a disability during the regular school year;
  • not required to be provided all day or each day;
  • not an automatic program provision from year to year;
  • not summer school, compensatory services, or enrichment programs;
  • not required to be provided in a traditional classroom setting; and
  • not a service to be provided to maximize each student’s potential