Title I, Part A Federal Program

The Title I federal program is intended to provide all children significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education, and to close educational achievement gaps.  Teachers implement instruction and facilitate student practice that are aligned to state standards and informed by student performance data using evidence-based instructional practices and high yield strategies.  School divisions provide support to school personnel through professional development and parents through school-based parent and family engagement activities to help students achieve high academic standards.

Williamsburg James City County Schools has seven Title I schools.

School-wide programming at James River Elementary, Matthew Whaley Elementary, and Norge Elementary uses federal funds to support academic achievement and social well-being for all K-5 students.

Targeted assisted programming at Clara Byrd Baker Elementary, D.J. Montague Elementary, J.B. Blayton Elementary, and Laurel Lane Elementary uses federal funds to support literacy and math achievement for K-3 students who require Tier II intervention instruction.

Parent & Family Engagement


  • WJCC’s parent and family engagement policy and regulation (Policy IGBC | Policy IGBC-R1), guide the school division’s collaboration and partnership with parents and guardians to positively impact student achievement. The policy is reviewed by the Title I Advisory Committee, staff and parents/guardians annually.
  • WJCC will host at least two parent family engagement events each school year designed to provide parents and guardians the knowledge and skills to actively participate in their children’s education at school, in the community, and at home.
  • WJCC will provide online information and resources to empower parents to support their children’s education.


  • Annual parent meetings are held by each school’s Title I staff to provide parents/guardians with information about the Title 1 services and programs offered to support student achievement.
  • Each school annually updates its Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan with administrators, staff, and parents/guardians.
  • Parents are encouraged to meet with Title I staff members throughout the school year and to schedule times to observe their children’s lessons, both in the classroom and in Title I intervention lessons.
  • Each school’s Title I staff will offer at minimum two engaging, hands-on training events for students and families during the school year.