Attendance Matters

Attend. Aspire. Achieve.

Daily school attendance and student achievement go hand-in-hand. What may seem like a few absences (just two days per month) can negatively impact students’ grades, reading level, and even graduation rates. Students must be in school consistently to learn, and WJCC Schools values its partnership with families to ensure the success of all students!

The best place for students to be to learn and grow with their peers is in school. WJCC Schools recognizes students may get sick and we encourage families to support their child in getting well by keeping them home. By keeping students in school when they’re healthy, students gain flexibility and time, if needed, to be absent and fully recover from illness before returning to school.

In Virginia:

  • All absences – excused and unexcused – count toward each student’s level of chronic absenteeism.
  • A student is chronically absent if they miss 18 days (10%) of the full school year.
  • A school is subject to heightened monitoring by the Virginia Department of Education if 15% or more of student population is chronically absent, which could impact a school’s accreditation status.

School Board Attendance Policies

  • JEA: Compulsory Attendance
  • JED: School Absences/Excuses/Releases (Regulation, including definitions for excused and unexcused absences)

Attendance Wavier Request for Credit-Bearing Class (Middle & High School)

As outlined in Policy and Regulation JED, students who have accumulated nine or more total absences in a credit-bearing class in one semester will only receive credit with an approved attendance waiver.

Attendance waiver request forms:

If you have any questions or need assistance with your child’s attendance, please contact your child’s school.