CIP FY 16 projects underway:

  1. JHS refurb– first floor, auditorium and cafeteria. Project on schedule. Progress meeting next Wednesday pm.
  2. JHS roof – Project on schedule. Progress meeting next Wednesday pm.
  3. JHS track– Contractor on schedule. Weather impact ok to this point. Asphalt down. Inspection of work to date set for next Wednesday pm.
  4. JR roof – Project on schedule. Held progress meeting Thursday. Contractor expects to have all shingles down by July 8. Have encountered some concerns with brickwork cracks in roof area. Engineer investigating.
  5. CBB refurb – Project on schedule. Contractor removed almost all tile and carpet.. Work progressing from far end of school up to office and fine arts areas. Progress meeting next Thursday am.
  6. CBB roof – Project moving ahead.
  7. CBB parking lot –Project on schedule, as is the work for JCC on storm water areas.
  8. Blair demolition, new conference and reception areas – Project changes required 2 week delay for power switchover. Several Change Orders in the works. One for admin lot expansion using grass pavers will require Board approval in July due to costs.
  9. Blair design bid packet for new construction (to start in September) – Final review of drawing completed, as was constructability and budget review by MBP. All comments and suggestions given to WTS. Purchasing finalizing the bid packet.

CIP FY 17 startup Projects (July 1):

  1. NES Roof– Tingle Guernsey submitted a proposal for Design Services
  2. NES Entrance– Tom Tingle has this project. Same firm that developed initial proposals for us.
  3. NES HVAC– Asked MJT to submit a proposal for Design Services on this project.
  4. NES Windows– Will hire open contract company. Will need Board approval.
  5. Stonehouse Chiller– Maintenance working staff on best approach. Have a vendor that we think could do the work, checking to see if under cooperative contract.
  6. Stonehouse Canopy– Asked Moseley Architects to take on Design Services for this project. They visited the site and feel it can be done within budget. Proposal for those services being developed.
  7. Lafayette Roof– Asked Moseley Architects to submit a proposal for Design Services on this project.
  8. Lafayette aux gym– HBA has started investigating site. Civil engineers will survey next week. Setting up collaborative design team. Principal selecting 3-5 people to participate. Adam Otstot also will serve on the team.
  9. Jamestown EIFS– Asked for a proposal through the HBA/Chesson refurbishment project.
  10. Cooley fence, lights, bldgs– Will be handled as a separate contract. WTS tasked to review the site, evaluate the facility and work with me to rank work. WTS will then design specs and work with Purchasing to bid out.
  • Backflows– Targeting CB Baker, James River, Rawls Byrd and domestic water line at Lafayette.
  • Sidewalks & concrete– Will be handled by staff and assigned to appropriate contractors
  • Brickwork- Will be handled by staff and assigned to appropriate contractors

Other Projects:

  • Berkeley flashing speed signs- All signs ordered and due to arrive any day.
  • DJM ADA Parking issues- Getting area surveyed by VHB engineers and a proposal to bring into compliance.