Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools News & Information

Project Update – 7/15/2016

CIP FY 16 projects underway:

  • JHS refurb – Project on schedule. Progress meeting next Wednesday. Moisture mitigation underway. Tile started going down this week.
  • JHS roof – Progress meeting next Wednesday. Rain and very high temps slowed down progress.
  • JHS track– Synthetic surface installer started prep work Friday morning. The installation will start the first of next week, weather permitting. Contractor completed the landscaping at the interior runways last Saturday and started pressure washing the track on Wednesday
  • JR roof – Project on schedule. Shingle installation should be completed this week. Will start work on the smaller membrane section over walkways next week. Hot weather forced stop on all roof projects as walking on them can damage the shingles.
  • CBB refurb –Project on schedule. Moisture mitigation started this week along with painting. Progress meeting next Thursday.
  • CBB partial roof – Project slightly ahead of schedule. Progress meeting next Thursday am.
  • CBB parking lot –Project on schedule, as is the work for JCC on storm water areas.
  • SBCO demolition, new conference and reception areas – Anticipate demolition of the public wing around July 25.
  • Blair design bid packet for new construction– Purchasing finalized the bid packet. IFB went out July 15 to pre-qualified companies. The project team will host a non-mandatory pre-bid meeting at 10 a.m. on July 21 at the James City County Government Center Building F Board Work Session Room.

CIP FY 17 startup Projects (July 1):

  • NES HVAC– MJT submitted a draft RFP for Design Services on this project. Purchasing reviewing. Goal is to design the system replacement this fall, bid out for construction next spring and install next summer.
  • Stonehouse Chiller– Equipment identified. Purchase will need Board approval. Will not be installed until January-February to avoid disruption in HVAC services when temps are high.
  • Stonehouse Canopy– Asked Moseley Architects to take on Design Services for this project. They visited the site and feel it can be done within budget. Proposal for those services being developed.
  • Lafayette Roof– Asked Moseley Architects to submit a proposal for Design Services on this project. They have inspector coming to review condition.
  • Lafayette aux gym– Civil engineers completed surveying. Architects and WJCC will meet with JCC Planning on July 28 to review permit requirements and potential issues. Design team will meet on August 11.