2017 Community Recognitions

Business Honorees

WJCC recognized three of our most valued business partners for being named to the Virginia School Boards Association 2017 Business Honor Roll. Their ongoing commitment and support of our students and schools is very much appreciated. Not only do we value and depend upon their collaboration but we are thankful that we can highlight some of their many contributions to our school division. Partnerships with these businesses provide opportunities for students and staff to work with members of our community and enrich educational experiences both in and outside of our classrooms.

Ball Corporation

Marjorie Daniel
Ball Corporation has sponsored WJCC’s Manufacturing Day since the program’s inception. Students tour their facility and learn not only 21st century skills needed in jobs today but also the type of products that are made right here in Williamsburg. Ball team members also present at our high school Career Day programs.

Power House Dance

Wendy Buchan
Power House Dance provides five WJCC students scholarships through an annual program in an effort to create community-based opportunities in the arts. Prompted by their focus on health and well-being, the studio staff also supports our SHIP programs, field days and other health-related activities in our schools.

Trader Joe’s

Shannon Mackard
Trader Joe’s supports our Erase the Need program by providing food and volunteers for the distribution program. They donate bags for the backpack program and even provide flowers to help families feel special. Trader Joe’s also supports our students and teachers through various other school-based programs and donations.

Outstanding Volunteers of the Year

WJCC recognized one volunteer from each school who epitomizes WJCC’s core values in their volunteer work. A volunteer is broadly defined as any individual who contributes their time, talents and skills to the learning process. These outstanding individuals go well beyond this call when they volunteer in our schools each week. We appreciate their unwavering support and strong sense of advocacy towards our students’ success.

Jimmy Connors

Clara Byrd Baker
Clara Byrd Baker set a goal of building a learning garden and Jimmy volunteered to serve as project manager. Within two weeks, he had contacted vendors and was able to get the wood, fencing material, and cement at a reduced price and the soil donated for free. Once the materials were secured, Jimmy solicited volunteers and organized a construction plan. Jimmy and his volunteer crew worked for hours building six raised beds and a fence to protect the garden from animals.

Shannon Hassan

D.J. Montague
Shannon exhibits unwavering support of school learning initiatives and projects. For six years, Shannon has done everything from room mom, to hospitality, to Kindergarten Registration, to Country Fair to PTA officer. Now she even subs! Shannon promotes a strong sense of school community and gives back to our school in every way possible. You see Shannon at the school almost daily, and she is always busy doing something for the betterment of the DJ family.

Shannon Rickert

J. Blaine Blayton
Mrs. Rickert’s ideas and initiatives for engaging families, students, and faculty to promote a positive school environment have been invaluable to our school community. Her ideas, such as Recess with Dad, and the way she tirelessly supports our staff to promote a strong sense of community is truly amazing. Mrs. Rickert goes above and beyond in her role as our PTA president and volunteers to support her children’s classrooms as well.

Isabelle Cantrell

James River
On any given day, you may see Mrs. Cantrell helping in some capacity: sharpening pencils, running copies, or bringing snacks/water for a school event. As a pivotal member of the PTA, Ms. Cantrell has been responsible for many fundraising events, including T-shirt sales, original art works, and the book fair. She assists at kindergarten registration, Fall Fest, and PTA clubs. Mrs. Cantrell and her husband facilitated our Watch Dog Dad program. She does all this and more with a kind spirit and friendly smile.

Ruth McMahon

Matthew Whaley
For the past 12 years, Ms. McMahon volunteers every Tuesday and works with students who were identified early in the school year as being at risk. She helps the students she works with become confident and more responsible learners. She helps them learn the value of hard work and the students have shown immense growth in their reading. She encourages them to work hard with her firm, consistent and loving demeanor.

John Barone

According to Matoaka students: Mr. Barone volunteers in our classroom every Friday and helps us learn about science! He is funny and smart and really good with science. When Mr. Barone comes to our class he helps our teacher so that we can do more experiments. He brings materials with him and he even wears a tie that matches the theme of each science experiment! He also leads our after school science club!

Mychael Willon

Mr. Willon demonstrates WJCC’s core value of collaboration through and through. He supported the vision of having a free carnival for students by visiting every business in our proximal radius to garner sponsorship and donations. Mr. Willon can be found in our hallways wearing spirit wear, participating as a Watch DOG Dad, sporting the roadrunner mascot, or bringing donuts to our office staff. Without the many hats that he wears, we would not be able to fund many of the important events that make Norge unique.

Muriel Slaughter

Rawls Byrd
Muriel not only volunteers two days a week but she works to find a cadre of volunteers from the community to support Rawls Byrd. On a weekly basis, these volunteers provide individualized attention to students for help in math, writing and reading. Spreading kindness and encouragement seems to be Muriel’s gift; she gives students opportunities to have their individual voices heard by an empathetic ear and an open heart. She simply enjoys “giving back.”

Pat McElroy

For the past ten year, Pat McElroy has volunteered faithfully at Stonehouse in the Kindergarten and first grade classes. The students know and love her and the Stonehouse community is sad to say goodbye to Pat as she moves to NC in June. Stonehouse is excited to celebrate Pat’s contributions before she leaves. We wish you well; you will be missed.

Dara Bright

Dara is a student at William and Mary who works relentlessly with Berkeley students through the College Partnership for Kids and Pearls Mentoring Programs. Dara has already connected with the BMS PTA to initiate a garden with students to teach them about the value of food and how important the environment is to our everyday living. Berkeley students are fortunate to work with her.

Kim Squire

Lois S. Hornsby
Kim Squire has volunteered in the Hornsby Media Center for the past three years. She regularly comes in to shelve books, check in/out materials, process new books, and above all help Hornsby students. She not only volunteers in the library and at book fairs but she is also actively involved in the school and always present at school events.

Lori Rodgers

Lori’s level of dedication and sense of charity has been extensive over the past three years. She purchases clothes for the uniform program and oversees the Erase the Need Backpack Food Program for Toano families. She has worked tirelessly to revitalize the TMS Tiger Garden this year. She is a wonderful collaborator in that she works tenaciously with all TMS stakeholders to ensure student success.

Caitie Maloney

Caitie Maloney is a true asset to the Jamestown Community. For the past two years, she has volunteered and facilitated volunteer efforts with an organization she leads, Capernaum. Capernaum has worked in different capacities with over 50 special needs students and their teachers. Caitie’s efforts make a difference at Jamestown, and we are thankful for her willingness to help.

Lisa Stoddard

Lisa wrote two grants to help beatify the grounds of Lafayette High School. When awarded, she met with a Master Gardener to select just the right plants to improve the entrance, main office, and parent pick-up areas. The grounds are more inviting because of Mrs. Stoddard dedication to the Lafayette community. In addition, she promotes Lafayette on social media and volunteers to serve during class breakfasts and the "Coffee Cart" for teachers.

Ann Ohmann

Ann Ohmann has been one of the most dedicated, eager, and enthusiastic supporters of Warhill’s band program and students. She goes above and beyond and is always available to assist students and staff in any way possible. She does absolutely everything and we are proud to name her our Outstanding Volunteer of the Year!

Michelle Walmsley

Peninsula District PTA Volunteer of the Year
Michelle Walmsley worked tirelessly as Co-Vice President of Norge PTA. She organized all of the Spirit Nights chaired the Spring Carnival initiative. Michelle partnered with local businesses to increase the funds generated for Spirit Nighs improved attendance by scheduling all of the events at the beginning of the school year. Michelle is a hardworking mom who cares about her family and her community.

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