2018 Community Recognitions

VSBA Business Honor Roll

Business Honorees

WJCC recognized three of our most valued business partners for being named to the Virginia School Boards Association 2018 Business Honor Roll. Their ongoing commitment and support of our students and schools is very much appreciated. Not only do we value and depend upon their collaboration but we are thankful that we can highlight some of their many contributions to our school division. Partnerships with these businesses provide opportunities for students and staff to work with members of our community and enrich educational experiences both in and outside of our classrooms.

Coresix Precision Glass, Inc.

Alan Graham

Our partnership with Coresix Precision Glass is integral to the success of the division’s Manufacturing Day. As one of the originating partners, Coresix opens their doors to allow students to tour their facility and learn firsthand the 21st century skills needed in jobs today. Coresix assists the school division through his service on the Superintendent’s Business Advisory Committee.

RE/MAX Central Realty

Bob Smolko

Three local businesses developed a program to thank teachers for the contributions to students and the Williamsburg community. Initiated by Bob Smolko of RE/MAX, the Honor Thy Educator: 11th Commandment luncheon has become an annual appreciation for school and departments. In partnership with Keith Freeland of Movement Mortgage and Chef Ken Brown of Fat Tuna Grill, this trio also supports our Economic and Personal Finance classes as guest speakers.

Walmart Import Distribution Center

Yvonne Govea

Walmart Distribution Center also partners with us on Manufacturing Day offering students outreach opportunities that broaden academic experiences and provides a global snapshot of career opportunities. Walmart Distribution also supports school-based and division initiatives.

Outstanding Volunteers of the Year

WJCC recognized one volunteer from each school who epitomizes WJCC’s core values in their volunteer work. A volunteer is broadly defined as any individual who contributes their time, talents and skills to the learning process. These outstanding individuals go well beyond this call when they volunteer in our schools each week. We appreciate their unwavering support and strong sense of advocacy towards our students’ success.

April Schrage

Clara Byrd Baker

April Schrage is a tremendous asset to Clara Byrd Baker. Over the last two years, she has been a constant presence at CBB including helping build our school garden, assisting with school events, and being a general go to person when we need something done. This last trait is what sets her apart from other volunteers. Because of the academic needs of CBB’s students, Mrs. Washington and I made several schedule changes allocating Teacher Assistants full time to instructional endeavors. This change affected the administrative support that assistants previously provided teachers. To help, Mrs. Schrage volunteered to make copies for our teachers. She became a fixture in our copy room always helping anyway she could. Clara Byrd Baker’s Staff is extremely appreciative for her dedication and commitment to our students and teachers.

Jennifer German

D.J. Montague

Jen German has been volunteering at D.J. Montague since her daughter entered kindergarten six years ago. This year she is serving as the vice president of the PTA and the yearbook sponsor. Over the years she has also worked with students, helped in classrooms, chaperoned field trips and been an active member of the PTA executive board. She is our “go to” volunteer who cheerfully does anything and everything. A day does not go by that Jen is not at DJ taking pictures or supporting our staff and students in some capacity. We will miss Jen!

Connie Viscocky

J. Blaine Blayton

Mrs. Connie Visocky promotes a strong sense of school community as PTA VP in charge of hospitality. She is always planning and executing ways to let the teachers know that they are respected and valued. Amazing lunches, snacks, treats along with positive notes brighten our days and let us all know that our parents are grateful for all the teachers’ efforts. She has worked every week to bag food for our BackPack program and ensure that it gets home every Friday to our students in need. She spends hours volunteering in classrooms to read with students and help with group work. Her commitment is endless!

Jennifer Treiber

James River

In recognition of her unwavering support of school learning and promotion of a strong sense of school community, James River selected Mrs. Jennifer Treiber as the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. This school year, Mrs. Treiber has served on the JRE PTA as the second vice President of Fundraising. Her creativity and relationships with the Williamsburg community positively impacted the PTA activities offered at James River. She planned “JRE Night at the Museum” which raised over $4500 and partnered with over 35 local businesses to make showcasing the students’ art work and talents an exciting event. Ms. Treiber has a passion for the JRE community and for the students we serve, and we are thankful to have her as part of our James River family!

Mary Anne Cody

Laurel Lane

Mary Anne Cody comes to the school weekly and even prepares her own materials for work with our students. She knows our curriculum (by way of her own preparation) and what we are working on, and extends it for further learning. For instance, when the second graders had their unit on time, she brought in materials to show that clock hands can be numbers or Roman numerals, and then taught students all about Roman numerals. More recently, Mrs. Cody provided student another enriching learning experience when they were working on concepts with money. The kids love her, and she clearly loves working with children. Prior to volunteering, Mrs. Cody served 32 years in the teaching field; we continue to be very grateful for the time and energy she dedicates to our school community.

Pat Woollum


Ms. Woollum has been a volunteer at Matoaka Elementary School for the past three years. We are fortunate to have a partnership with Ford’s Colony Volunteers for Education and she is a volunteer from that organization. Ms. Pat, as the children affectionately refer to her, spends her time in a fourth grade classroom supporting students in math as well as content areas like Virginia Studies. She is faithful with her volunteering commitment and comes in twice a week. We are so glad that we have volunteers like Ms. Pat in our Matoaka Community!

Connie Williams

Matthew Whaley

Ms. Williams comes every day for approximately 4 hours. She completes many clerical tasks, helps students unpack, greets them each day, helps students complete work they missed, goes on field trips with the class, has lunch with the students, prepares materials for crafts in the classroom, helps students who need remediation, and encourages positive classroom behavior. No child is ever without love or support with Ms. Connie!

Megan Rodriguez


Megan Rodriguez has served as PTA treasurer for the past two years. In an effort to promote a strong sense of school community, Megan works tirelessly to support the PTA, and her daughter’s teacher by volunteering in the classroom. While Megan is a part-time employee serving as a Title One tutor for kindergartener, she is often here full-time collaborating with other PTA members to get initiatives off the ground, support student learning through field trips and showing appreciation to teachers with lunches, snacks and necessities. Our PTA board is not full this year, and because of her previous experience, Mrs. Rodriguez often serves in many capacities, simply because she cares enough to not have our students, teachers or school go without. We are very grateful for the countless hours she spends to make Norge a fun, engaging, and welcoming environment.

Michelle McLain


Michelle McLain is the definition of volunteerism. Since day one of her children entering Stonehouse, she has been available to their teachers for anything and everything! This includes creating amazing bulletin boards, door covers, and other displays that capture the imagination of the children and expand on what is being taught in the classroom. Michelle often helps with students who do not have the support at home to finish important work such as science projects, civil war journals, or just reading with them. Once Michelle’s own children moved on, she continued to help out in the lower grades, always with a smile and can-do attitude. She volunteers for every special event, party, and trip. She will be sorely missed, although we would not be surprised if we still saw her around the halls, decorating something in that inventive way of hers!

Meghan Brewer


Meghan Brewer is an outstanding parent and volunteer. Not only is she active in our PTA but you could see her smiling face at LHS as well as hospitality chair. Ms. Brewer is always a warm and happy face who is here for all our students and teachers. She takes part of her day every day to assist our teachers and students in any school event and is a face that is seen through our building on a daily basis. Building community comes natural to Ms. Brewer and we are so fortunate to have her as a bulldog mom.

Tyler Skelton

Lois S. Hornsby

Hornsby Middle School would like to recognize Tyler Skelton from William & Mary’s Griffin School Partnership. Tyler has been an outstanding classroom tutor for the past two years, primarily working in a self-contained classroom. His ability to bond with students and make positive connections has led to the social and emotional growth of several students who struggle with self-expression and forming relationships. Students in the room look forward to seeing Tyler and they glow when he comes into the room. You can hear their joyful greetings all the way in the hall. Thank you Mr. Skelton, you are forever a Hawk!

Dr. Steven Heaston


Dr. Steven Heaston is a veteran of the US Navy where he served as the Chief of Preventative Medicine. He works with 8th grade TMS Algebra students twice a week to provide individual and small group instruction. Dr. Heaston’s patience, flexibility, and his sense of humor help to build math confidence for students and provide them with “can do attitudes.” He instills a sense of accomplishment for students in a subject that can prove challenging for some learners. Students expressed in notes how much they have appreciated his help and how he has made a difference for them.

Eric Dawnkaski


Eric Dawnkaski is a swim parent who volunteers his time to officiate our BRD Swim Meets for no charge. He organizes all of the timers, as well as coaches and the starter. He is very efficient and knowledgeable of the rules of swimming. We would not be able to hold BRD Swim Meets without Eric and his outstanding professionalism and hard work.

Eric Stone


Mr. Stone is an outstanding leader who has dedicated tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness about issues impacting young males of today’s society. He has volunteered in WJCC for 20 years in any capacity; committees, youth firefighter mentor, community liaison, Men of Vision and Purpose mentor, safety and security committee volunteer, and respected citizen of the Lafayette school community. Mr. Stone loves his Lafayette High School and as a graduate of LHS, he will always be a RAM.

Lisa Rochard


Mrs. Rochard is Warhill’s outstanding volunteer because she advocates for and supports all of our student athletes. In her role as athletic booster club president, she in responsible for fundraising, promoting school spirit, and ensuring equity throughout the athletic program. Where she sees a need, Mrs. Rochard will take initiative to fill the void or bring attention to the matter so that the athletic director or school administration can address the matter. Mrs. Rochard is constantly balancing her role as parent and booster president to manage supporting her son and being visible at other athletic events.

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