Snow Day Makeup Plan - Click for more information

Banked instructional time will be used to offset Dec. 10 and Dec. 11 school closures

WJCC Schools will use a portion of the division’s banked time to offset instructional days missed Dec. 10 and Dec. 11 due to the recent winter storm. Banked time is instructional time built into the school calendar that exceeds the required 990 instructional hour minimum.

If inclement weather or other circumstances require an additional school closure throughout the year, a combination of banked time and makeup days may be used to recoup lost instructional time.

The 2018-19 school calendar has already been adjusted twice following hurricanes this Fall. As a reminder, Dec. 19 is now a full day of school to make up for time lost during Hurricane Florence. Likewise, students will attend school Jan. 24 as a makeup day for Hurricane Michael. Jan. 24 is an early release day for all students.