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2019 Tidewater Science Fair Results

The 2019 Tidewater Science Fair was held this past Saturday at Old Dominion University which included more than 250 project entries this year. Williamsburg James City County students entered 12 projects all of which proudly represented WJCC Schools. While our number of entries were small, of our 12 entries, WJCC students won 10 awards or medals this year. The participants who didn’t win, gained valuable knowledge and experience, which they will be able to use next year. Every year our number of entries in the Tidewater Science Fair increases and we are a growing force at the regional competition.

In Category Awards competition, our students performed well with two 1st Place, three 2nd Place winners, one 3rd place, and one Honorable Mention winner. We also had three winners in the Special Awards Category. Special Awards are given by professional organizations within the STEM community at large such as the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Air Force Research Laboratory STEM Initiative. These awards are presented outside of the Category Awards and can come from any STEM discipline.

Category Awards

1st Place

Lisa SmallPlant Science
“Evaluating the Correlation between Site Index and Forest Productivity of Pinus taeda with Soil pH”

Recardo RodriguezMicrobiology
“Wastewater Treatment: The Effect of Irorychic Coagulants on Septic Culture”

2nd Place

Shahrbanoo KhairandishBiochemistry
“Vitamin C Level in Bell Peppers During Various Stages of Ripeness”

Hannah WawersikCellular & Molecular Biology
“What Causes Gender Dysphoria in Fruit Flies?”

Victoria HardyEngineering: Materials & Bioengineering
“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cartilage: A Study on the Properties Needed for an Artificial Meniscus”

3rd Place

Jacqueline VishtonPhysics & Astronomy
“Testing Tuned Mass Damper Model”

Honorable Mention

Hunter CulverhouseEngineering: Electrical & Mechanical
“The Effects of Quantity and Size of Blades on Energy Production of a Wind Turbine”

Special Awards

Information Systems Security Association Information Technology Excellence Award
Jessica Shi
“Modeling the Maximum Potential of Rotational Grazing Using Computer Simulation”

American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics Senior Award
Hunter Culverhouse
“The Effects of Size & Quantity of Blades on Energy Production of a Wind Turbine”

Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Ricardo Rodriguez
“Wastewater Treatment: The Effect of Irorychic Coagulants on Septic Culture”