Grade Level Leaders in March Madness NCAA Tournament

NCAA tournament finalists

Here are the grade level winners in the BMS NCAA March Madness Bracket picks!

L-R: Harrison Reinhart (6th); Drew Ramos (8th), Walker Brewer (7th).

Congratulations, guys!

Chef Cooks with French Classes!

IMG_0901IMG_0887IMG_0894Chef Robert, Scottie Coleman’s grandfather, came to French 1B class
to teach students how to prepare Crêpes Suzette with an orange sauce. The crêpes were delicious and students asked many questions to Chef Robert.

Congratulations, Science BowlDogs!

On their first appearance the Berkeley Science Bowl Dogs beat 19 other teams from across Virginia to win 2nd place in the Finals. They endured 4 rounds of Round Robin games in the morning, and then 4 more rounds in the Double Elimination set in the afternoon.

The Science Bowl Dogs won a big trophy and $500 for BMS.

The Science Bowl Dogs are coached by BMS Technology Teacher, Mrs. Lisa Horrell.

Congratulations on a job well done!SCIENCE BOWL DOGS COMPETETITION WINNERS

What World Language Should I Take?

Here is a presentation of how to choose what World Language to take.

BMS languages 2016-2017

Mrs. Fenner’s Students Ring Freedom Bell!

Mrs. Monique Fenner’s students rang the Freedom Bell in the #letfreedomring Challenge at the First Baptist Church in Williamsburg.