National French Exam Results

Congratulations to the following BMS French students!

National French Contest Results


Gold Medal:                     Sasha Murphy

Bronze Medals:

Ali Emma

Alex Klee

Brook Schlimme

Jack Snead

Honorable Mention :

Giselle Esquivel

Lily King

Abigail Middleton

Isabel O’Connor

Anne Ryan Gareis

Alex Schofield

Jacob Slade

Zachary Tubbs

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BMS PTA Block Party 2017

IMG_3681IMG_3677The PTA sponsored Block Party was a blast!! Thank you students, parents, and teachers for your support!

Photos courtesy of LaDawn Hodges Photography  IMG_3673IMG_3667IMG_3664IMG_3659IMG_3651IMG_3794IMG_3792IMG_3785IMG_3775IMG_3773IMG_3771IMG_3765IMG_3755IMG_3751IMG_3745IMG_3744IMG_3738IMG_3733IMG_3730IMG_3732IMG_3718IMG_3702IMG_3691IMG_3689IMG_3685IMG_3682IMG_3915IMG_3907IMG_3892IMG_3870IMG_3834IMG_3826IMG_3814IMG_3681

French Class Visits Blue Talon Bistro

20170504_115727Blue Talon Bistro 2017 1 20170504_124134 20170504_124115 20170504_120937 20170504_120851