Resource Links
  • Jefferson Lab – This website will enable you to take practice SOL tests/quizzes with 10, 20, or 40 questions. The quizzes will be graded and many of the questions will have a detailed explanation of how to solve the problem!
  • Algebra II Tutorial Sites – This website has SOL Practice tests and tutorial sites.
  • IXL For the Left and Right Brain – Use this site to look up lessons for extra help.
  • Mathematics WWW Virtual Library – This site lists a large amount of mathematical websites ranging from interesting facts and lessons, to games and practice sites! Anything you want can be found here!
  • Purplemath – This is called the Algebra Resource. You can log on for help in any area in Algebra and basic Trigonometry!
  • Math Is Fun – This website has step-by-step, animated constructions for Geometry!
  • Geometry SOL Practice by Topic – This website has Geometry SOL practice quizzes listed by topic!

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