Dr. Marcia Strange

School Counselor

Grade 6-8
Last Names: A-K

p: (757) 229-8051 (ext. 21107)
e: marcia.strange@wjccschools.org

Dr. Fallon Dodson

School Counselor

Grade 6-8
Last Names: L-Z

p: (757) 229-8051 (ext. 21105)
e: fallon.dodson@wjccschools.org

Janet Rutherford

Administrative Assistant/Registrar

p: (757) 229-8051 (ext. 21104)
e: janet.rutherford@wjccschools.org

Our Mission & Theme

Berkeley Middle School Counselors offer a comprehensive guidance and counseling program. The purpose of our program is to help each unique individual achieve self-direction, self-insight, and maximum development of his/her abilities. The program is designed to facilitate the student’s personal, social, physical, and emotional development.

In addition, the counselors provide the following:

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Individual Counseling 
  • Small Group Counseling 
  • Transition Support for rising sixth graders 
  • Transition Support and Registration Assistance for rising ninth graders 
  • Assistance Elective Course Registration 
  • Appropriate information to community agencies, parents, and teachers upon request
  • Provides Community Counseling Resources

Guidance Theme:

Respect: For yourselves as well as others
Responsibility: For your actions, words, and choices
Reason: For utilizing good decision-making skills