Panagiotis Tsigaridas
Panagiotis TsigaridasPrincipal
Christie SimonAssistant Principal
Tyson TraverAssistant Principal
Selena ChambleeStudent Achievement Coach
Amy LivingstoneSchool Improvement Specialist

Helpful Contacts

Lesley SayellDigital Communications Liaison
Courtney MeadowsAttendance Associate

1118 Ironbound Road • Williamsburg, VA 23188
Phone: (757) 229-8051 | Fax: (757) 208-0249

Instructional Day: 8:05 a.m. – 3:05 p.m.


Berkeley Middle School will promote the academic achievement of every student and will positively contribute to the physical, social, and emotional development of each child.

In partnership with parents and community members, we will continuously foster an open, caring, and supportive learning environment that will ensure each child’s transition from early adolescence to responsible independence and lifelong learning.

Middle School Philosophy

Middle school students are unique. All experience various stages of physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development. Because growth in each area does not proceed at a uniform rate, our school seeks to provide stimulation within a secure and structured environment for this growth to occur.

We at Berkeley Middle School believe that in order for students to develop into responsible individuals, they need the opportunity for:

  • Intellectual stimulation through a variety of experiences.
  • The development and refinement of basic skills.
  • Challenges to their curiosity and creativity.
  • Constructive interaction with adults and peers.
  • Genuine exploratory experiences that expand their horizons.

The Berkeley faculty is committed to providing an environment that fosters success, happiness, and independence for all of our students, through partnership with parents and community members.