Tamera WilliamsReading Specialist
Rachel SamuelsStudent Support Teacher
Ellen TurnerReading Recovery Teacher

The Literacy Team serves grades K-5.  We work together to monitor student progress in reading and writing and to provide continuous support for our students.  Collaboration with classroom teachers ensures balanced instruction.

  • Tamera Williams, Reading Specialist, serves Kindergarten through 5th grade.
  • Rachel Samuels, Student Support Teacher, instructs 2nd through 5th grade.
  • Ellen Turner, Reading Recovery Teacher, provide Reading Recovery and literacy services for 1st grade.
  • Speech-Language Pathologists, provide speech and language services for the CBB community.

We encourage our students to read at home every day.  Our goal is instill a love of reading in all Baker Bears. Extra reading resources can be found on the websites linked to our homepage.  We hope your family enjoys the great literacy adventure!

Please feel free to contact any of us with questions.