College campus

College Exploration & Planning

Explore majors and 2- and 4-year colleges.  Learn about college visits, resources for 1st generation college students, college athletics, application tips, and much, much more.  Your one-stop college stop!

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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Get the scoop on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), local and national scholarships, federal student aid, private loans, college net price calculator, and other financial resources.

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Certifications & Other Training

Explore options for certifications and training, including apprenticeships, New Horizons Regional Education Center, Thomas Nelson Community College, and more.  Fast track yourself to a great career!

Military Exploration & Planning

Students interested in one of the five military academies should start the application process in their junior year. Students interested in enlisting in the military should research each branch, speak to a recruiter and take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).

Military Branch & National Guard

Entering the Workforce

Before heading out into the world of work, you need to make sure  you are prepared!  Also learn about the interview and soft skills needed to land the perfect job, and discover career opportunities you might be interested in.

Click here to find information on completing job applications, resumes, and cover letters.

Gap Year Exploration & Planning

A “gap year” is a period of time, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between high school and further education that often includes travel, volunteering, study, an internship or work.  Links to help you plan your gap year include: