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    Jamestown GRASP Scholarship & Financial Aid Advisor

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    Lafayette GRASP Scholarship & Financial Aid Advisor

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    Warhill GRASP Scholarship & Financial Aid Advisor

Scholarship Contacts

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    Jamestown High School Scholarship Contact

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    Warhill High School Scholarship Contact

Scholarships are awarded to students for a variety of reasons! On this page, you can browse through our entire database of regional/state/local scholarships* or tailor your search for a specific scholarship. Remember, your GRASP Scholarship/Financial Aid Advisor is here to help you throughout this process, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment! Don’t see what you are looking for? Please reach out to the Scholarship Contact at your zoned high school.

The internet is also a natural place to look, especially when looking for national scholarships or wanting to access a wider range of scholarship opportunities. Check out the Scholarship Resources link on the right for additional scholarship searches and resources. When searching for scholarships online, make sure to be on the lookout for scams and do your research.

Remember to fill out the FAFSA, which is often a requirement for many scholarships! Additional scholarships and awards can be searched through the Financial Aid offices of the colleges and universities under consideration.

*Scholarships offered by organizations other than WJCC are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Williamsburg-James City County School Division, School Board, or Superintendent.

Looking for a way to promote/advertise your scholarship to WJCC students/families?

Please complete and submit the brief WJCC Scholarship Form for review and consideration, and remember to upload or include a link to the scholarship application form.
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Scholarship Database Search

TitleOrganizationAward AmountDeadlinerequirements_hfilterschools_hfilter
Williamsburg Men’s Club ScholarshipWilliamsburg Men's Club1000June 20, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
CPA Scholarship 2022Neumeister & Associates, LLP1000December 9, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
CLG Scholarship 2022Cumberland Law Group, LLC1000August 8, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
GLC Scholarship 2022Ghazi Law Group, APLC1000December 2, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Resoluteness 2022 Scholarship Essay CompetitionLaw Offices of Adrianos Facchetti1000December 8, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
The Rise Above ScholarshipSilberman & Lam LLP1000December 1, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Steve Duckett Local Conservation ScholarshipSteve Duckett Attorney at Law1000October 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Always in Our Hearts ScholarshipMarc Brown, P.A.1000September 30, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
The Semper Solaris ScholarshipSemper Solaris3000July 29, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Right to Privacy ScholarshipLeifert & Leifert1000August 31, 2022financialjamestown lafayette warhill
DP Law Encouraging Diversity ScholarshipThe Law Offices of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya1000October 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
The DREAM Act ScholarshipGoldstein Immigration Lawyers1000May 31, 2023financial gender gpa minorityjamestown lafayette warhill
Overcoming Adversity Scholarship 2022Kopfler & Hermann, Attorneys at Law1000November 30, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Opportunity to Grow ScholarshipWilliams Law Group, LLC1000December 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Safe Cycling ScholarshipFelix Gonzalez Accident & Injury Law Firm1000November 30, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Hometown Pride ScholarshipThe Kryder Law Group, LLC Accident and Injury Lawyers1000August 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Canceling Cancer ScholarshipDoran & Murphy, PLLC1000December 31, 2022financial gpajamestown lafayette warhill
First Responders ScholarshipMcCraw Law Group1000September 30, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Jim Robertson – Will Barnes Scholarship AwardJames City Ruritan Club1000May 15, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Wilbert M. Wallace ScholarshipWilbert M. Wallace Scholarship Foundation1June 15, 2022financial gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Zora Neale Hurston ScholarshipZeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated1000May 25, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 The City That Works ScholarshipCosta Ivone, LLC1000June 30, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
McCulley-Scammon ScholarshipWilliamsburg Players4000May 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Kendra Ruestow Atherton Memorial Scholarshipk5k: A Run for Kendra2500May 16, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
JHS ABC ScholarshipJamestown High School Athletic Booster Club1May 20, 2022jamestown
2022 Path To Success ScholarshipJan Dils Attorneys at Law1000December 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Workplace Rights Law Group Scholarship ContestWorkplace Rights Law Group500August 1, 2022financialjamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Amy G Injury Firm Access to Education ScholarshipAmy G Injury Firm1000May 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
The Links, Incorporated ScholarshipNewport News (VA) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated2500April 15, 2022gender gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Sharon Stupp Memorial ScholarshipStone House Presbyterian Church2500May 16, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Zeta Lambda Chapter Education ScholarshipAlpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc1500April 28, 2022gender gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Pete and Nan Cruikshank Community Service ScholarshipJunior Woman's Club of Williamsburg1000April 25, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Soroptimist International ScholarshipSoroptimist International of Williamsburg3500April 30, 2022genderjamestown lafayette warhill
Le Cercle Charmant ScholarshipLe Cercle Charmant1000May 15, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Rotary Club of Williamsburg ScholarshipRotary Club of Williamsburg4000May 1, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
The 2022 Law Offices of Daniel Kim ScholarshipThe Law Offices of Daniel Kim5000December 31, 2022financial gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Immigrant Innovation ScholarshipRitchie-Reiersen Injury & Immigration Attorneys1000September 15, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 True Impact Of Injury ScholarshipHess Law Office, PLLC1000September 30, 2022financialjamestown lafayette warhill
Fighting for Justice ScholarshipBarbieri Law Firm1000October 31, 2022jamestown
2022 Allen Tittle’s Medical Malpractice ScholarshipTittle & Perlmuter1000November 30, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Gig Economy ScholarshipHapigig1000October 1, 2022financialjamestown lafayette warhill
Peter Francisco Memorial ScholarshipPeter Francisco Society500April 15, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
David J. Gosselin Memorial ScholarshipWilliamsburg Youth Baseball League1May 1, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarships (14 different)Hampton-Newport News Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Fraterni1000April 29, 2022genderjamestown lafayette warhill
Les Hommes Education Foundation ScholarshipLes Hommes Education Foundation, Inc.1000May 15, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
FHR ScholarshipFriends of Hampton Roads, Inc.1000April 15, 2022financial gpa minorityjamestown lafayette warhill
Charles J. Colgan ScholarshipVirginia Aviation Business Association2000April 29, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
THE JULIA E. HOLLOWAY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUNDInsight Enterprises, Inc., Peninsula Center for Independent1000May 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Carla Savage-Wells Memorial Scholarship awardCarla Savage Wells Scholarship Foundation2500March 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Woman’s Club Scholarship 2022Woman’s Club of Williamsburg-GFWC2500April 25, 2022genderjamestown lafayette warhill
Longo Biggs In Memoriam ScholarshipLongo Biggs, LC1000May 31, 2022financial gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Breaking the Stigma ScholarshipAmicus Legal Group1000March 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Strong Work Ethic ScholarshipBK Law Group1000July 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Cooking Up Joy ScholarshipBudget Branders1000August 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
SWCD Student ScholarshipColonial Soil & Water Conservation District1000April 1, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Passion For Making ScholarshipFintech Abrasives500August 15, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Perfecting The Craft Annual ScholarshipRed Label Abrasives500August 15, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Caring Community ScholarshipMarcus & Mack2000September 30, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Sparks Law Dream Chasers ScholarshipSparks Law1000June 30, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
The 2022 Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Focused Driver ScholarshipCooper Hurley Injury Lawyers2000July 15, 2022financialjamestown lafayette warhill
WORKPLACE RIGHTS LAW GROUP ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP CONTESTWorkplace Rights Law Group5003August 1, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Cyberbullying Awareness ScholarshipMcCready Law1000March 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Fight for Freedom ScholarshipJ. Ryan Brown Law, LLC1000July 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Workplace Rights Law Group Scholarship ContestWorkplace Rights Law Group500August 1, 2022financialjamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Underdog ScholarshipBusald Funk Zevely PSC1000March 31, 2022financial gpajamestown lafayette warhill
The Petrelli Previtera, LLC ScholarshipPetrelli Previtera, LLC500May 15, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Hard Work Pays Off ScholarshipMutrux Firm Injury Lawyers1000March 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
The Starfish ScholarshipThe Starfish Scholarship1000May 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette
2022 Stand Up To Bullies ScholarshipMiller Injury Firm1000March 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
Lowenthal & Abrams Hospital Safety Awareness ScholarshipLowenthal & Abrams, Injury Attorneys1000May 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Conquering Childhood Cancer ScholarshipNorden Leacox Accident & Injury Law1000April 30, 2022financial gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Single Parent ScholarshipThe Colwell Law Group, LLC1000May 31, 2022financial gender minorityjamestown
Done With Distracted Driving ScholarshipOstroff Injury Law1000May 31, 2022jamestown lafayette warhill
The 2022 Triumph Over Adversity ScholarshipThe Khaki Law Firm1000May 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Franchise.Law Entrepreneur ScholarshipFranchise.Law1000May 31, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
Equal Justice Scholarship 2022Grand Canyon Law Group1000May 31, 2022financialjamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Scholarship for Working StudentsHancock Injury Attorneys1000May 7, 2022gpajamestown lafayette warhill
2022 Invest in Yourself ScholarshipBabcock Injury Lawyers1000April 1, 2022gpajamestown