Commonwealth Innovation (CI) – Biology II: Anatomy & Physiology and Drawing

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Fine Arts, Science


This course introduces students to the structures and functions of the human body through a study of visual observation, stressing both technical skills and individual expression.The course focuses on each body system and the medical terminology associated with each system through the lens of a medical illustrator.These objectives will be met through extensive laboratory investigations, including dissection of a representative mammal.Students will use a variety of drawing medias (graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor washes, oil pastels) with a focus on understanding the human body and movement of the human form.These studies will provide an understanding of the interdependence of human body systems and provide a solid base for further studies and/or health care-related career choices.Art history and criticism are integrated with appropriate units of study.It is recommended that students interested in taking this course received a “C” or better in Art Foundations and in previous science courses.


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