Mass Media: Yearbook Production

The following course is an elective, and does not satisfy diploma requirements in the area of English

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This course will provide students with the opportunity to acquire and apply communication and technical skills in a real-world setting through work on production of the school yearbook. Students will strengthen their creative and critical thinking skills and use their knowledge of grammar and writing skills to produce the yearbook. Students will work independently and as part of an organized production staff for at least one semester. Students may take Mass Media for credit up to four times, with the expectation that students will enhance, refine, and expand their knowledge and technical skills, bringing to each new series a high level of expertise. Students choosing to take this course for the fourth time will take on leadership roles as editors, business managers, web masters, photography, and technology editors while peer teaching, delegating, leading, refining, and enhancing all aspects of the yearbook journalism process. These experienced yearbook journalism students will be provided an opportunity to design and publish the high school yearbook in a real world internship-like atmosphere.

Student may take up to 4 times.


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