Course ID: 2219

Students will explore early human societies beginning with hunters and gatherers; progressing through the rise and fall of major world empires including Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China; examining the Medieval Era; and concluding with the European Renaissance. Students will investigate similarities and differences among ancient river civilizations such as those along the Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Huang He, and Indus Rivers. Students study the personalities who commanded great empires and explore the lives of everyday people. Varieties of resources are used to analyze events including art, music, literature, and technology. This course is based on Standards of Learning from the Virginia Department of Education and prepares students for an SOL test on World History and Geography to 1500.

*Students may select either this course or World History and Geography: 1500 to the Present to fulfill their World History requirement. Only one of the two courses is required.

  • 1 Social Studies Credit