Eileen Cox

Eileen Cox

Senior Director for Communications & Engagement

Felicia Highland
Coordinator for Multicultural Awareness and Family & Community Engagement
p: (757) 603-6541
e: felicia.highland@wjccschools.org

Ronnie Showah
Communications & Digital Design Specialist
p: (757) 603-6531
e: ronnie.showah@wjccschools.org

WJCC’s Communications & Engagement team oversees the division’s digital and traditional media, multi-cultural and family engagement programs, flyer distribution, calendar development and public relations efforts. PR&E works with every WJCC department and school to provide transparent communication that engages and informs our community.

Please do not hesitate to call (757) 603-6486 or email with any questions, comments or requests for information.

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