Exceptions to the Course Sequence in Grades 4 – 7: 

The Virginia Department of Education states, if a student demonstrates mastery of content through an end-of-course assessment, the student may accelerate. Consequently, WJCC uses a 50-question, free-response, end-of-course assessment aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Each question has a value of 2 points. One point is earned for the correct answer and one point is earned for work that demonstrates an understanding of the content. Student work may include mathematical calculations, pictures, and/or words. Students earn 2, 1 or 0 points for each question.

If your child demonstrates an advanced level of understanding in the current mathematics course, the acceleration process may be appropriate. Before requesting that your child be assessed for math course acceleration, please consider these questions:

  • Without the support of a tutor, could my child complete the accelerated and advanced work required in the class in order to maintain an ‘A’ or a ‘B’?
  • Would my child complete the accelerated and advanced work required in the class in order to maintain an ‘A’ or a ‘B’?
  • Should my child be doing the accelerated and advanced work required in the class in order to maintain an ‘A’ or a ‘B’?

Math Course Acceleration Process:

To ensure that a student does not miss content in the new course, the two testing periods for students to be assessed for acceleration are three division selected dates during the window of August 1-25 and a school specific selected date during the first 2 weeks of school in September. For new students enrolling during the school year, the testing period is within 2 weeks of enrolling in a WJCC School.

  1. Family or teacher submits a request to the School Counseling Department of the middle school that their child will attend to assess a student with the WJCC End-of-Course (EOC) assessment for the child’s current math course.
  2. Coordinator for 6-12 Mathematics, or designee, schedules and administers EOC assessment.
  3. The assessment is graded using a rubric:
    1. Students earning at least 85 points are eligible to accelerate into the next course in the sequence;
    2. Students earning less than 85 points will remain in the current placement.
  4. The student’s performance by question will be collected in a report available to the family and the student’s home school. The report will provide detailed information on student performance for each question.
  5.  The appeal process is highlighted below.

Appeal Process:

  1. The person who requested the process may appeal after receiving the results.
  2. A WJCC Mathematics Placement Appeal Process form completed by the parent/guardian, along with any supporting documentation, submitted to the 6-12 Mathematics Coordinator will initiate the appeal process.
  3. The Math Acceleration Review Team will meet to review all student assessment data and supporting documentation. The Mathematics Review Team will make the final placement for the student and will end the appeal process. The Math Acceleration Review Team consists of the Coordinator for K-5 Mathematics, Coordinator for 6-12 Mathematics, Coordinator for English and Acceleration, and the School Principal or Principal’s designee. The Coordinator for 6-12 Mathematics will meet with the parent/guardian to review the recommendations of the Math Acceleration Review Team.

Students can complete this process once each school year.