Frequently Asked Questions

Who must fill out an application to conduct research and application?

You must fill out an application to conduct research and evaluation if you are not employed by WJCC Public Schools, or work for WJCC Public Schools, but are doing research and evaluation for your own purposes, such as a class project or assignment, thesis, dissertation, conference presentation or journal publication.

Why does WJCC Public Schools have formal application procedures?

The procedures in WJCC Public Schools are established to coordinate external research applications and to safeguard the benefits of the WJCC Public Schools community. WJCC supports high quality educational research and evaluation. Through the application procedures, the Review Committee can better determine whether external educational research and evaluations are consistent with federal and state government regulations and contribute to the educational practices and knowledge base.

Where do I get application materials?

All required and needed materials are available by downloading the files on this website. See links on the Research Projects page.

How do I submit an application?

To complete an application, follow the instructions on the Research Procedures Overview page. Use the Application Checklist to confirm that all required materials are completed and included in your application.

Is there a way to increase the probability of getting my project recommended?

Please check with the Application Review Criteria to make sure that you comply with all criteria. Attachment of all necessary materials will also help to expedite the review process.

Who decides what projects are recommended for implementation?

The Coordinator of Accountability and Assessment will appoint a Review Committee made up of WJCC Public Schools staff. The Committee members will be selected based on their knowledge, familiarity, and affiliation with the research subject and population.

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A Review Committee will make decisions based on the Application Review Criteria.

How much time should I expect to hear the review results?

Generally, you should be able to hear the review results within 4 -6 weeks of your application. However, it is advisable for you to provide extra time for principal signature, parental/guardian consent and other miscellaneous events.

What happens if my application is recommended for implementation?

Once your application is approved, you need to fill out an online form for a criminal background check and fingerprinting. If you are a current employee of WJCC Public Schools, you will not have to submit this information. Information regarding the background check, as well as a request form, is available online. Please note on your form that this is for a research application. Then you can go into individual school to conduct your study. You should also obtain the necessary informed consent from the parent/guardian of students.

For what types of data do I need to obtain parent/guardian consent?

If data will be collected about or from individual students, parent/guardian consent is required. A copy of your proposed parent/guardian consent form should be attached to your application.

What information must be included in the consent form?

Please refer to the Parent/Guardian Consent Template for more information.

How do I obtain consent from parents/guardians?

Your school contact, the school principal and/or the coordinator will work with you to develop procedures for contacting parents.

What am I required to do while I am conducting the project?

  • You should work with staff at your participating schools to assure that meetings, interviews, observations, the administration of instruments, and so on are scheduled in advance and at their convenience.
  • You must maintain the confidentiality of records and respect the privacy and rights of individuals and schools. Data must be disposed of when their use is complete, especially if they include numbers or identification numbers.
  • As you conduct an external research or evaluation study in WJCC Public Schools, you must abide by standards of professional conduct at all times.

What should I do after the project collection is finished?

When your data collection is complete, and you will no longer be working in your participating school(s), please notify the Coordinator of Accountability and Assessment using the Data Collection Completion Notification Form. If your results are later reported in a more completed form (book, dissertation, journal article, etc.) you should provide WJCC Public Schools with a copy for its professional library. Personal feedback to principals and teachers involved in your project is encouraged. Providing an in-kind service to the school(s) in which you conducted your project is also encouraged. This might include volunteering to mentor or tutor individual students, serving as a guest speaker, or donating money or materials.

Whom should I contact for further information?

Contact the Coordinator of Accountability and Assessment.