Instructional Technology & Media

Pattie Bowen

Supervisor for Instructional Technology, Innovation, and Information Literacy

p: (757) 603-6471

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT)

Helping teachers reach every student, every day.

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Library Services

Media Centers are an integral part of the instructional program for WJCC students and faculty.

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The department of Media and Instructional Technology is committed to supporting 21st century learners through a combination of professional development, best-practice strategies and instructional tools and resources. This is achieved by a focus on:

  • diverse learning needs, including digital citizenship and digital learning needs
  • information and media literacy skills, including analyzing and evaluating resources and personalizing learning
  • technology integration PD models that facilitate engaged, active learning and utilize technology tools that provide students with  multiple opportunities to create, interact and collaborate
  • providing content resources that meet the curricular and learning needs of all students, instructional faculty and administrators

This commitment is met by collaborative professional educators who are highly-skilled, results-focused, and passionate about teaching and learning in the 21st century.