Fourth Grade


Mrs. Weston, Mr. Gallien, Mrs. Sexton

Second Grade

2nd Grade

Mrs. Farley, Mrs. McClellan, Mrs. Herspold

First Grade Team


Mrs. Pastirik, Ms. Slavin, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Rovelli

Kindergarten Team


Mrs. Glessner, Mrs. Cline, Ms. Barrett, Mrs. Gibbs, Ms. Canady, Mrs. Parsons, Ms. Hahn, Mrs. Lawrence

Wonderful Office Staff

IMG_20160830_115808079 (002)

Mrs. Carlin, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Brown, and Nurse Nikki

DJ’s Courtyard


A HUGE thank you to the staff, parents, and alumni students who helped Mrs. Forget give our courtyard an update this summer! We hope the courtyard will continue to be a wonderful place for staff and students to enjoy while eating lunch, learning, building relationships, and much more. Come take a look at the beautiful, fresh coat of paint, and landscaping.