Monarch Migration

Mrs. Tighe’s 2nd Grade Class raised Monarch butterflies earlier this year and recently released them. The second graders got to witness first-hand as caterpillars hatched, grew, and transformed into butterflies. Now these second graders are racing the butterflies. They learned that each year the butterflies migrate to Mexico, travelling 2, 337 miles from Williamsburg, VA. And so, they are trying to “beat” them there. Each student wears a pedometer daily. They add up the class’ steps each day and keep track of how far they have walked. Right now it is a close race, both the Monarchs and Mrs. Tighe’s Class have traveled far enough to reach Georgia. What an exciting journey they are on together.

The Crunch Heard Around the Commonwealth




On October 4, DJM participated in the Crunch Heard ‘Round the Commonwealth, an event where all participants simultaneously take a bite out of a locally-grown apple. Mrs. Vazquez, our 24-“carrot” principal dressed up as a nutritious carrot and passed out apples to all the smiling students and staff members in the cafeteria that day!

This day is part of Virginia Farm to School Week, scheduled for October 2-6, 2017 to coincide with National Farm to School Month. This year, the VDOE is encouraging schools and education centers to “Make some Noise for Virginia Farm to School Programs” to recognize the importance of these programs in improving child nutrition, supporting local economies, and educating students about the origins of food. Virginia school divisions typically celebrate by featuring locally-procured foods on menus, organizing school garden parties, taking field trips to local family farms, hosting poster contests, inviting guest farmers to classrooms and cafeterias, and engaging in other related educational activities.